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I know this post is long, but I really need your help.

My 10 week old will only have one 3-4 hour sleep a night, and catnaps through the day. It takes me sometimes 1-2 hours to get him to sleep, just to have him wake 20mins to half an hour later.

I feel like I don't even get 4 hours sleep in a 24 hour period, because by the time I get off to sleep I'm lucky to have had 3 hours sleep.

I feel like I spend all my time rocking him and putting him to sleep. (speak of the angel, be right back) (45 minutes later).
And when he does go off I keep hoping that it will be his longest sleep so I can get a bit of housework done or maybe some sleep myself.

Sometimes when I try to resettle him in bassinet, bouncer he keeps crying to the point where I have to give in and pick him up.

I have tried everything I can think of.
I have tried to put him to sleep in bassinet, bouncer, cot, pram. With and without music - classical, rock, easy listening music on the radio.
and I have also tried the fisher price aquarium.
But still only catnaps.

If you have any suggestion for me PLEASE reply.

All the best

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Hi Zacsmum

How exhausting for you. I had a friend with a similar problem and she was refered to Karitane. They have a website which I've checked out (not sure what it was, just put it in your search engine), and they have advice and stratagies for settling baby to sleep. It is hard to do but everyone I know who has tried their way has had success, you just have to perservere. If you try and are still having no luck in getting little Zac to sleep it might be worth while speaking to your Dr and maybe getting refered to the sleep school.

Another thing that may be contributing is his feeding. Does he get enough to satisfy him at every feed? Jordyn is generally a good sleeper except for when she has not had a full enough feed or if she has some wind - does Zac get wind?

Just my ideas - I hope things get better for you soon, Good luck and let the house work wait!!
HI Zacs mum

I can relate to what youre going through. My daughter Tayla was EXACTLY the same.During the day i was lucky is she slept for 20mins (and that would be in my arms), and at night she would continually wake. It was really stressfull for me, and i started to get quite depressed from the lack of sleep and all the stress( she's my first baby). When she was about 8 weeks old i realised that something was seriously wrong because she always seemed to be in pain.I took her to the doctor and explained the symptoms to her( crying for hours on end at night, i couldnt lay her down without her screaming, arching her back during feeds etc etc the list goes on). My doctor diagnosed her with silent reflux and prescribed losec for her, which has helped dramatically. She still only sleeps for an hour at the most during the day- but thats so much better than 10 to 20 mins.
Your son might not have this, but just letting you know because it sounds the same as what i was going through.He could also have wind pains.Is he bottle fed or breast?
Sorry to babble on! Let me know how it all goes for you. It is SO exhausting when they wont sleep for you despite your best efforts. Im still exhausted and Tayla is nearly 4 months old!

Thanx for you responses

Things are going alot better now. I have just changed my sons formula to Karicare, and he seems alot better. He isnt sleeping alot better during the day, and he isn't grumpy during his awake time, he seems quiite content.

All the best

2 Under 1

Hi Zac's Mum,

I too recently had this problem. I was referred to Riverton in Brisbane which is a early parenting centre and they deal with all problems associated with babies. I went there as my little one was only sleeping a max. of 1hour during the day and maybe 6hours broken sleep during the night. I was at my wits end and I spent a week at Riverton where they showed me different ways of settling instead of rocking my baby to sleep. The week was an exhausting one and I left feeling that there was no hope for myself and my baby as he did not respond well to the new routine. I only got home yesterday and today has been WONDERFUL!!!! He slept for 3hours solid for the first time since we was born during the day that is and has been down now for 1.5hours and sleeping for 9hours at night now! Fingers crossed it stays this way. It is consistency and persistency that has got me to this stage. In NSW the place is called Karitane? They do the same thing as Riverton. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

All the best!

Nae, Qld, SAHM with DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs & DD 22mths

REFLUX, if your baby is crying with a real high pitch "hurt cry", you should consider trying mylanta (red cap) with him. My son Aidan was the same, he screamed all day and the only way he would sleep would be in my arms in the rocking chair. He would be better in an upright position too.

If you try mylanta (2mls) and it makes a difference, it is definately reflux. My son is on Zantac (prescribed) and is a completely different baby. He is so happy, he sleeps & eats well, is really easy compared to how he was. I was so scared to go out with him as when he started screaming, it was hours before he would stop. I did a day stay at the local health clinic to teach him to sleep again - he was so sleep deprived he had literally forgotten. I also have him on a thickened formula - Karicare Sensicare HA-AR. It helps to keep the food down. I also have the 'music for dreaming' CD which I play whenever he is asleep but you could try an easy listening radio station. Aidan now knows when this music is on, its sleep time.

It took weeks for Aidan to be diagnosed with reflux as he had no vomitting etc, just screamed but boy am I glad I got him on Zantac. I know I was on the verge of depression having a screaming baby and a 2 3/4 old daughter to look after and our own business to do the accounts for. It is definately something to look into as reflux effects 40% of babies to some extent and generally builds up and gets worse rather than starting off bad.

Good Luck, I hope this helps in some way


Qld, 3yr & 5 mth old

this can be a no-no!, but do you wrap your little baby?,
it is the only way we can get ours to sleep, and we wrap him really tightly, with two muslin wraps folded in alternate ways, so he is snug and secure...we also use a dummy for day sleeps only....(another


Liam Evan, 2

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