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Hiccups ? Lock Rss

Does anyone have cures for hiccups?

My 3 week old gets them quite often and they last up to 30 minutes. In the early morning they seem to wake her up and it is taking 1-2 hours to get her back to sleep. (Think maybe reflux also).

It has been suggested to give her small amount of boiled water from syringe to get rid of them. Anyone tried this?

Rach - Boy 03.02.04 & Girl 10.01.06

My baby always had hiccups. Atleast once a day when she was inside me and often 2-3 times. Then she came out and she still always had them.
They never seemed to bother her but I know some babies get really cranky/distressed with them.
If your baby is not bothered then don't worry.
I found that after she had had them for a while (one run of them that is) I could give her water (in a bottle) and they would go. Never tried a syringe. It didn't really stop her from going to sleep tho.

My 3mth old son still gets the hiccups. Sometimes they upset him other times they don't.

When he gets upset I give him his dummy and gently rock him and pat his back. He likes to me on my shoulder when this happens.

The hiccups usually go away within minutes but sometimes takes up to 10 minutes.

I have not yet heard of a foolproof cure for the hiccups. I even asked grandma and she said to just try and keep the baby calm until they go away.
My 10 week old is also a big one for hiccups. He has them almost every day, and they can last for an hour or so at a time. They never seem to bother him, no matter how long they last.

I've used the syringe - sometimes it works, sometimes it dosn't - you only need about 30 ml. I think its more of a distraction than anything else.
my boy had/ still gets them and he's 8 wks they never bothered him until about 6 wks old. my health nurse said not to worry unless they bother him, if they do bother his to give a little boiled water or more food, she said they are caused by bubs being full and his tummy pressing against his diaphram. i never heard of the syringe tho.

***haydens mum***

Hey Rach how are you? Sorry I don't have a cure, but i have been told by many people (OB, doctors, midwives etc) that hiccups don't bother babies! My daughter gets them often and at first i was worried, but now that i see it really doesn't bother her, it doesn't bother me either wink She often gets them at night and i used to wonder if that was why she was rather unsettled when going to bed ... but over the last few weeks if i put her in the cot when she is tired (hiccups or no hiccups) ... she will fall asleep without any unusual fuss!! So don't stress too much if bub is happy!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

I have the same problem, but i have notice that he does not get them every day now. My health nurse told me to rub his shoulder. Sometimes it works some times not. When i was pregnant with him he had the hiccups as well. Very strange feeling.

Net, QLD

My friend who's bub hiccups suggests feeding for 5 mins and it normal gets rid of them quickly.
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