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Soothing baby to sleep with Dummy! Rss

I have a 6 week old baby that requires dummy to be put to sleep, i keep reading in articles, books etc... that i should try to let her learn to sleep by herself rather than use a dummy. Is it too late to do so??? I have tried to not give her the dummy but she constantly cries and then when given will wake up 20 minutes later as it has fallen out of her mouth.
Someone in the forum wrote 'take the path of least resistance'. If that means using a dummy, then go for it! Our DD is temprimental - sometimes she'll fall asleep on her own and other times we're going into her room every 20 mins to replace the dummy. Have you tried other forms of settling your daughter to sleep when she doesn't have the dummy? We use the dummy as a last resort, but that's after pushing her for a while in the bassinette or playing white noise in the background to distract her...
Other techniques i have tried are by letting her fall asleep in my arms and then when put in cot, will continue to sleep. I dont want her to get use to this either, being a first time mother is hard because you dont know what to do and what not to do.
I used to worry so much about letting my girl go to sleep feeding or in my arms because of what I read and heard about setting up patterns they'll stick with, but I think for the first few weeks - even couple of months, do what feels right. I would get her to sleep (or almost to sleep) in my arms then put her in the cot. Somewhere along the way (I can't remember when!) she started going to sleep by herself. Now when I get the timing right she goes straight down without any complaint. It might not work the same way for you, but I think there is too much pressure early on when the baby needs you - just go with what feels best for your little girl, she is yours after all.
hi at 6 weeks she is still so little, and sucking is a thing of comfort for small babis. I know there is this big thing about getting them into a routine, but i really dont think it hurts to give into there needs when they are this tiny.

my lil boy is the same in that he wouldnt settle with out a dummy, his first few weeks he wanted it all the time, and if i didnt give it to him he would suckle at the breast till he was so full he was in pain. at about 5 weeks he only needed it to fall asleep. he is now 7 weeks, and some time wakes and we need to replace the dummy so he will fall back to sleep, but it is getting less and less frequent as he getts bigger and more confident and independent.

i think that aslong as she is getting enough sleep and your not to worried about going into giver her dummy back itrs fine and sooner or later she will start needing it les and less.
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