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Should a new baby sleep in your room or not? Lock Rss

Hi everyone! I just need some advice on this once cause I have no idea.

We are planning to have the baby sleep in his bassinette in 'his' room but a family member who has just had a baby said that babies should sleep in the same room as their parents for the first 3-6 months to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Can anyone shed some light on this one cause I'm really confused now.

Thanks! smile


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Hi Tarns
I agree with toni that it is up to you what you do
maybe try both in room with you and not in the room and see what suits you either way your baby will feel safe either way. As for that site toni was talking about i found it pushes co sleeping and nothing else but that is just my opinion.
Good luck with it all and do what feels right for you

Mary b

Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

With our first child he slept in his own room from day one, and that worked out fine (but he was a summer baby, so getting up when he woke up wasn't too bad). When our second arrives in approx 7 weeks we will be starting in a bassinet in our room so hopefully our son won't be woken up by the new baby. Once this one starts sleeping through we will have them both in the same room.
Best thing is to do whatever you feel happiest with. I don't feel comfortable myself with co-sleeping, but a lot of parents find it works well for them.

Best of luck

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Tarns

I think it's totally up to you. We had our son sleeping in his bassinette in our room until he was about 4 months old. From about 2 months he slept in his bassinette in his own room during the day and still in our room at night. Just do whatever you are comfortable with when your baby arrives. I have read somewhere that babies who sleep close to their mother get into a good sleep pattern - I don't know how true it is but my son started sleeping through the night at 9 weeks old.

All the best
Jasmine smile
Like everyone says you do what you feel is right. My husband and I chose to have our baby with us and I wouldn't have it any other way. SIDS is a big issue. Having our baby with us helped us monitor him, that he was doing ok and that helped us relax. If he was away from us I would be constantly going up and down making sure he was ok. I also read that having baby next to you, enables them to develop sleeping patterns a lot faster.
Good luck in your decision!
Thank you all for your replies.

Two of our close friends have their babies in their rooms and they still have continual unsettled nights even now as they get up every single time they hear the baby have a 'mini' cry.

We've decided that we will keep bubs in his room but will ensure that we get a good baby monitor (one of the ones that goes under the basinette mattress to monitor breathing) so we feel confident we'll be aware of anything. Think this'll be the best solution for us.

I was a pampered baby myself - in fact my aunty was staying with us and used to get up and play with me throughout the night - Mum reckons I was awake 23hrs a day (yep... I know she's probably exaggerating) but I don't want my bubs to turn out like me, ie an attention/comfort cry-type baby.

Thank you all very much for your responses though - it's really given me a lot to think about and take on board. Many thanks! smile


Hi Tarns

As everyone has said it is completely up to you, but I thought I would just let you know what I did.

My son is 4 months old now and from the day he came home he has been in his basinette (and now cot) in his own room day and night. And we've have absolutely no problem what-so-ever. But I have heard from friends and family who breastfed their babies and found it better to have the baby in their room so that they didn't have to get too far out of bed to feed during the night.

Anyway hope your pregnancy is going well and good luck when your little one arrives.

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04

Hi Tarns

Before I had Bennett we were planning on putting him straight in his cot in his room. Lots of people said that was mean smile another friend said she would lend us her bassinet cos we would like to have him close while breastfeeding - she was right - we've loved having him in there and when he's unsettled he gets chucked (not literally) in the middle of us and sleeps in our bed smile

we are about ready to put him in his cot which doesn't bother me cos hubby gets up in the night to change him and bring him to me tongue

but then I'll have to go and put him back to bed sad

ohhh these cold melbourne nights thank god for central heating!!

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Love Steph smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Tarns,
well I have a 1 month old girl, who has slepted in our room from day one. 1st I was to scared to let her out of my sight or be worried that i wouldn't hear her cry. At the start i was breastfeeding and it made life really easy not to have to hop out of my warm bed as it was winter. At the moment she is very vocal weather awake or asleep, and i'm feeling more confidante. soon i might put her in her room but I don't see any rush for it. why don't you want the bub in your room.
I wud leave them in their own room...and just ava a baby monitor on,and maybe every now and then just check in on them...See babys know when u near, and once they know they wil play up... I did that with my son and i wud feel bad and bring him into our bed...2yrs now stil sleeping with us..great!
It's easier said then done..huh!
But i really wud let them sleep alone..

melb,vic....2yr old boy

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