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could it be colic? Rss

I have a 6 week old daughter and for the past week night time has become a nightmare. She cries for a couple of hours and there is no way she can be comforted, not even the breast works. She is fine during the day - will feed normally and sleep well, a great sleeper and feeder but early evening to late night she begins crying like she is in pain and will only doze a few minutes at a time and her feeding is all over the place. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for comforting and helping her through these nightly horrors. Pleeease help me!

nelly 3yo boy & 8mth girl

Hi there

It does sound like it could be colic. My daughter had this until she was 3months old(as well as reflux). There are a few things you can do, but really you just have to wait for it to go away. Try giving her a relaxing bath and putting on some gentle music when its bed time. I find that if my daughter is really upset, that detuning the radio calms her down almost straight away.
I took my daughter to the chiropractor as well. Its really helpful with colic and reflux. Did you have a difficult birth? They say that babies who had vacuum extraction/forceps/long labour are more likely to get colic. I tried a lot of homeopathic remedies but found that they did nothing for my daughter, although some people swear by them. You could try Infants Friend which you get from the chemist, its all natural ingredients and is meant to calm colicky and teething babies. Sorry to ramble on.... I really recommend the chiropracter though.I saw an amazing difference in my daughter after 3 visits. Take care, i know how hard it is with a screaming bub.

It does sound like colic to me. My seven month old used to cry constantly and vomit every night from about 4.30 to 9.30pm approximately. Each night was a little different and what worked one day would not work the next!
What I did mostly was walk around keeping her upright and rocking at the same time in the hope that she might drop off to sleep. Sometimes the crying got so bad that my husband and I would have to take turns holding her so that we didn't go bonkers!
I have not heard of a remedy that works for everyone, however my aunty is a natropath and she swears by baby massage to relieve colic. Some hospitals offer courses in how to do this - the hospital I gave birth in offered the course for free.
There are also remedies available from Chemists - I am not sure what they are as I never used them.

Hope this gives you some things to think about! Don't worry it won't last forever - most babies get over this by 14 weeks or so. I look back now and hardly remember how bad it was!!

Good Luck

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Thanks for your thoughts and help on the topic. I took my daughter to a sleep and settling program conducted by Trescillian (Family care centre in NSW) and got some hints and tips on how to care for her during the troublesome early hours of the evening. When I explained her symptoms to the nurse, she said it may not be colic, its just that she is over tired and she cant relax herself. I got some good tips (trying them now, however she is not sleeping) but I will let you know how both she and I go! Thanx once again.

nelly 3yo boy & 8mth girl

Hi nel.
I too have a 4 wk old girl, who i have trouble settleing in the early evening. I called a 24hr helpline. All they could tell me is that it is called the arsenic hour and to just do what works. Hmmf. thanx?? I still felt as confused after the call as i did before. I too thort it could be colic. The health care nurse told me not to assume too soon. I find that she is specially hard to settle if we have gone out or had visitors but not allways if that has happened. She fell asleep to te vaccum noise but rarely stays asleep at this time.

Id love for u to share some tips if u would.
So myself and others could give them a try too.

How has it been going? You have much success? Id heard to give thing 3 days to see if they work.

Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

Hi Miracles. Since going to a sleep and settling program i learnt a few things about recognising some signs, mainly tired signs. I thought my daughter was suffering colic when she was unsettled as she had all the symptoms. However, I found that she was just over tired and was not suffering colic! I learnt how to pick up on her tired signs and once she shows them I top up her feed to relax her, then after her feed i wrap her up in her darkened room in her cot, without any eye contact and no talking, and she settles herself to sleep on her own. The longest she has taken is about 30 mins, with breaks in her cries and has slept 2 1/2hours.
Yes, it does take some time to get a "routine" going and for bub to take to it, but you have to be persistant and calm about it (especially when they cry). I find her harder to settle as well if we have gone out as well, and we are still trying to master that technique!
I hope that what i have suggested has helped, it can be hard sometimes. Tonight, it only took her 15 mins to go to sleep on her own, so I think it may be working!! Let me know how you go and if you have any hints and tips on settling let me know! All the best.

nelly 3yo boy & 8mth girl

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