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being fed to sleep. bad habit Lock Rss


i have a new ds who is only 8days, but alredy he is getting used to fedding to sleep. he can be on off the breast all arvo which is hard work, but during the night he can go 3.5hrs, the only way he will go to sleep is if he is put into cradle asleep, but the minute he realises he is no longer in my arms, attached to breast, he will scream, and we start all over again.., refuses a dummy which i thought may help

anyone else in same boat. i have a 2 yo as well, so to get a rest during the day, i need them both to sleep

I have a 3&1/2 yr old and a 3mth old.

I wrap my 3mth old tightly every sleep time and play a Fisher price mobile that plays soft lullaby's and it has soft lights that flash to the soft music.I put this on everytime I put her down to sleep both night and day and she goes off to sleep by herself.

Maybe try something like that.

My baby was the same have you tried different shaped dummies?
I fed my dd now 2 to sleep right from the word go.
No probs here.
Society makes such a big deal out of this I think.
She now goes to sleep on her own,shes an age where she understands its bed time and dosen't panic when she's been put down like a new bubs can.
New bubbas need mumma cuddles...

Mumma to M- Growing a Nov babe

hey seb,

when my ds was first born he also was attached to the breast to fall asleap and didnt give me a break to sleap, at first he didnt take the dummy aswell i put a bit of my breast milk on the dummy and gave it to him and he got used to it like that and ever since then dummys been a great help when it comes to sleap.
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