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6 weeks old, and mums exausted Lock Rss

My DS is 6 weeks to the day and he is formula fed (s26 gold) i am a first time mum and my hubby works shift work so im on my own most the time, but my DS is sleeping only 2.5hrs during the night, this makes it so hard on me to get up to him as im exausted, he will feed and go back to bed like a great little baby, during the day he is staying awake longer and sleeping about 3 hours at a time, should he be sleeping longer? He also makes alot of grunting noises and pushes alot like he needs to poo, this has worried me a few times as it looks pain full, i have been putting infacol in his bottles and that makes him burp and fart alot but still he gets that pushing happening...i just want a little advise,,, please and thankyou
Hi, my little boy is 7 weeks old and I started him off on S26 Gold as well. He was pushing during the night and your right it seems so painful. I changed from the gold brand to the normal S26 and he doesn't push half as much as he used to. Reading other feedback etc on this forum a lot of people comment on the 'Gold' brands causing constipation.
My son is almost 4 weeks old and breast fed and I have the EXACT same concerns.

He wakes for a feed at night every 2, sometimes 1.5hrs, but during the day he is alert and can sleep up to 4 hrs on a good day. He also grunts and "pushes" throughout the night and day.
I feel better knowing that this seems to be common. Is there are light at the end of the tunnel? When will they sleep?!!
thankyou for replying, i also read some comments about the gold brands, i only put him on it thinking it was best for him, i have been told that once on a formula you must not change im not sure if they just ment brands or not but they told me it would upset his little tummy, how did your little one cope with the change
if your little man is breast fed and doin the same thing, it is a relief to me as i wanted to breat feed so bad and when i couldnt and i put him on formula i was blaming myself...for his little pain
Oh pissymissly (lol) I feel for you!

When DD hit 5-6 weeks my world changed and I thought we'd never get through. She decided daytime sleeps were overrated and she also grunted and groaned alot, especially at night time (she is BF). I was really concerned and tried, Brauers Colic Relief, Infants Friend and Infacol. I found Infacol to be the best. I also raised the head of her cot (put a brick under each leg) just to help the milk stay in her stomach instead of coming back up. Someone asked me if I'd like to lay flat on my back after a feed and my answer 'no thanks!'. I ended up taking DD to the Dr about it and she has Reflux, so if it doesn't calm down take your DS to the Dr just to be checked out, even if it is just for piece of mind!

With the sleeping.... as long as he is sleeping it's all good. I was so hung up on a routine, but once I accepted it wasn't going to happen, our lives got so much easier! I understand it's hard, but try and enjoy every minute of it, before you know it, it will be all over and he will be 3 months old! It flys!!

I probably wasn't much help, but I was at my wits end when DD was 5-8 weeks old. I just want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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My youngest is 8 weeks old tomorrow and still feeds every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We occassionaly get 3 hours. Actually I got two lots of 3 hours last night but that is another story (thank goodness for snuggle beds). He is also breast fed. I spoke to his Pediatrician yesterday and he smiled at me, gave me a grandfatherly look and said "Sorry Sweetheart there is not a lot we can do about that. You just have to wait for him to grow out of it which could take another 6 or so weeks." Though he did recommend the snuggle bed as our little one ends up in our bed from about 0100. The reason for this is he was not settling properly but in our bed asleep on my chest with me sleeping slightly upright (it is amazing how we can learn to sleep) he would settle straight away. Good Luck!!

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Hi there!

I don't bottlefeed but I have a friend who said she keeps an electric bottle warmer next to her bed with a bottle in it and pre-measured containers of formula so when bubby wakes up, all she has to do is grab the bottle and add the formula and she's all ready to feed without even getting out of bed!

It may just save a little time, therefore you get a little more sleep!

I know how hard it can be though, DS2 woke 2 hourly for 6 weeks. He still wakes twice a night now at 5 months.

Don't worry, it does get better with time!

Wow I feel like you. Exhausted. My bub is 6 weeks old tomorrow and he just doesn't like to sleep in the nighttime, instead sleeps more in the day. I have tried to keep him awake more but it never works as he tends to just fall asleep anyway. I breastfeed and then top up with a bottle if I have too but it makes no difference really. I do use a reflux formula to top up with though and it's less pain that he's in. Wish he would hurry up and just change his sleep habits as I am wanting some sleep. Occasionally I sleep in the day but not very often as their is always something to do and I have two other children to look after.I feel your pain.
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