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My DS only wants a dummy during the day as he drifts off to sleep. My question is should I take it out before he goes to sleep, whilst he is asleep or just leave it in? Sometimes he will wake up when he spits it out, other times he doesnt
I just left it in with Jeb and he only has it when he goes to bed. One thing I have heard is make sure that the dummy is the right size as one that is too small will fall out more often and will become a problem. When I first got Jeb's I thought it was HUGE but it was just right. Very rarely did it fall out and if it did he was usually in a deep enough sleep for it not to bother him. smile
you can always roll a thin wrap up and position it in a way that doesnt touch the bby but holds the dummy in. Im finding my daughter wont take a dummy, but im being persistant, because if a child sleeps with a dummy they are 90% less likely to die from sids also for the first six months it aids their jaw development. after 6 months it is just comfort. however at 18 months i only give my son his dummy to go to sleep, i did this from 12 months of age.

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I agree with the others, and I do the same with holding the dummy in so that when they are ready to spit it out it is easy enough. Kyla has it when she is going to sleep or grumpy and wants to suck for comfort. Babies are born to suck, it's their survival instinct I think.

My theory is that you can throw away a dummy when you no longer want them to suck it, but you can't throw away a thumb!!
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