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Sleeping a baby with Gastric Reflux Lock Rss

Can anyone help with ideas on the best way to sleep a baby with reflux? My 7 week old is far more settled when in an upright position (our arms or the rocker) and we have her cot up on phone books (this hasn't helped much) but every time she is laid down on her back she begins to scream & it takes 1/2 hr to settle her again. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

I think you can get foam wedges shaped like cheese from baby shops that you put under the matress to put it on more of an angle. If not maybe go to a foam or rubber place and see if they can make you one to fit. Good Luck

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll look into it.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Our baby loved going to sleep on our chest and we got a fair bit of sleep leaning back like that too with pillows propped up around us. Our baby spent a lot of his day in the highchair from when he was 3 weeks old. You can get some great highchairs now that tilt back a number of times and we would put him in there after his feed and sometimes he would even go to sleep there. The best thing is you can wheel it around the house while you are working or having a shower and the baby is with you and you can check to make sure no' spews' when you aren't looking. We also used a snugli pouch and that left hands free and when he was settled we would just leave him in the pouch and put him in his crib. The car seat works really well, too. If you can take it out of the car or invest in a second one, you can use them throughout the house. We also use his rocker (the type with the steel frame and the little hood and toy bar) and put the end up on phone books. The worst thing we found and still do, is changing his nappy within the first hour after his feed. I used to prop the change table mattress up on an angle with cloth nappies/pillows, etc sloping down towards the middle just to keep his head higher than his bum. I believe a mum has invented the reflux change table mat, but I haven't seen them yet in shops. You can also purchase a hammock/sling type of thing from the Reflux Association that ties up in your cot and is supposed to keep the baby upright a bit more to sleep. My doctort told me about it, but I never investigated further. The pram was also good, if it reclines at the right angle. Ours was just too high sitting up to start with. He kept slumping and the next one down was too far down so I used to put some nappies behind his back and head to bring him up a bit and that worked too. Really good to know when you are out and just fed baby and need to get on with the grocery shopping etc. Sometimes we found putting him on his tummy, head to the side (of course) and legs tucked up under his belly seemed to work too. Can't think of anything else at this stage. Have you been to the doctor yet? And have they given you anything to help such as Zantac syrup? Let us know how you go and what works. Our baby's reflux isn't nearly as bad at night time either. Is yours?
Good luck.
Hi Ange,
Thanks for your suggestions. We've been lucky with the nights so far and have only had a few unsettled ones which isn't bad considering Gabrielle is now 10 wks old. It was terrible the other night as she started projectile vomitting again so we slept her in the pram. I hadn't thought of the high chair idea so I'll be giving it a go. I'm just finishing expressing and my boobs are still too tender to try out a pouch which otherwise sounds great. We started her on Heinz formula at 6 wks which improved the situation (meaning she only vomitted half as much as before). At 7 wks the GP put her on Infant Gaviscon which only offered relief for the first 24 hrs and then seemed to not make much difference at all (except she became a silent reflux baby). At 8 wks at the paediatrician's check up we were told she was "an extremely tired baby", which is to be expected when she only sleeps 1 1/2 hrs a day due to the constant burning pain, so we went to a day stay which was terrific. They put her on to an AR formula and the paed. put her on Mylanta too which improved things further although this week she has begun to vomit again. I've got the script for the Zantac but haven't started her on it yet as I often worry that I'm over-reacting. We might be going back to the day stay for further help and they suggested giving it a whole week to see if all the techniques, formula and Mylanta made any difference and we talk every few days to reassess things. We seem to have one-two good days a week now which is vastly better than what we've had until now. She has begun to talk back to us and smile by choice now instead of having a permanent frown etched on her tiny face. Although things aren't perfect, she is far more content which each little change we've made. I'll definitely be putting some of your suggestions to work too.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Peta,
They only other thing I can offer you is a Chiropractor. My baby was diagnosed with Reflux when he was 6 weeks old. I was seeing a Physio at the time and she suggested to try a Chiropractor as she had a friend who was one and had good results. I was like you and just kept thinking this will improve........ I didnt know a lot about Chiro and was not too keen on the idea. Then when my son was 10 weeks a guy my husband worked with said his child had reflux until they took them to the Chiro. He said within a few visits his child was off medication. I thought it was worth a try. My son didnt slept either, well only cat naps and when he did it was on his stomach. We had been letting him sleep on us and trying our best to sleep like this as well. As you know it really is a mad house. After my son started at the Chiro he seemed like a totally different baby! He would sleep on his back and would actually smile at you. He still vomited and you had to feed him sitting up etc but he didnt have the pain he did have. He had to keep going over a period of say 9 - 10 months once a month and I knew when he was due for an adjustment when his sleeping pattern changed.
The other thing which did seem to help in the early days was a hot pack wrapped thickly in nappies on his stomach. Not too sure why this did help but he did settle with it. We also tried bowen therapy when he was around 8 weeks old. He only had one session but he did get relief. We took him home and he slept for 2 hours!!! It was on his stomach though. A friend of ours baby was also diagnosed with reflux and she too has a high chair which tilts. She said it is great and she also drags it all over the house with her. Good luck.
Hi Janeen,
Thanks for your help. I actually have a wonderful chiro who I've been going to for years. I'd never actually considered it. I'll have a chat with him about it the next time I see him.
Thanks again.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Pete,
I can't believe I didn't mention the chiro. I, too have been going to one for years and was very hesitant when people suggested I take my baby. We went twice a week for 2 weeks and at the 4th visit I said to the chiro that we probably didn't even need to be there and when he checked his neck and back it was really good. We could not believe the difference. Just like Janeen said, he was a totally different baby. Completely happy all the time and happy to be playing on the floor on his playmat for an hour or two and then just go to sleep by himself. Unheard of for a couple of months in our household. I highly recommend it. I have just gained back the better part of my days now and can be confident in leaving him with someone for a few hours to look after if I want to now. Our chiropractor used a little device to check the irregularities of the nerves on either side of the spine and then by touching the odd ones out and looking at the baby's face to see if he flinched he was able to see which ones hurt.
All we have to do now is to monitor his symptoms and take him back for a check up every couple of months or when we notice he is getting bad again.
Good luck and let us know how you go.
Thanks Ange,
I'm off to the chiro next week. It's interesting that this has been mentioned as Gaby had a difficult birth. She was 10lb 11 1/2oz and although she only took 1/2hr to push out, she was stuck by her right shoulder and 5 people were finally involved in actually delivering her. It was over 1/2hr before I was able to see her and my husband didn't even get to cut her cord as she was whisked away by the paediatrician as she was not breathing and she was severely contused from the birth. She had poor initial AGPAR results but quickly began to respond. We were told it would be at least 3 months before her shoulder recovered but even that responded quickly as she had a drip in her good arm and was made to use the poorer side. I can see in hindsight that she could have a number of problems from her unfortunate wedging.
Thanks again for the information,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Peta, Glad to hear you are off to your Chiro!! I hope everything starts to settle for you. I had gestational diabetes while preg with my son. At 36 weeks he decided to go into breech and not to come out under any circumstances. Due to this I had a caesarean and my son was born a week earlier then his EDOD. The Chiro explained to us the horror even a caesarean baby goes through. From the drugs I had been given to the forceps used to lever them out. She said if she had her way she would see every baby as close as possible to their birth for an adjustment. My son had big problems with his neck and lower spine. He was unable to be breast feed off both breast but I didnt know why until my visit to the Chiro. It turns out he would have been in a lot of pain to feed from my right breast but to feed off my left breast was ok. She fixed both problems but I have had to see other Chiro's (when the original one went on holidays and now since we have moved to another area) and they all comment of his neck. I was adviced it was a shame he was 10 weeks old and not younger as there would have been a greater chance this problem would have been fixed with now signs of it.
Hope everything works out for you!!
Hi Janeen,
Whereabouts in Qld are you? We are in Victoria Point, Brisbane. Isn't is amazing what can be done for babies now with chiros? I am very intrigued by what you wrote at the bottom about seeing a chiro sooner and fixing it without all the problems. What sort of problem was it that they could have fixed it sooner with no signs of what?
And yes, being born is the most stressful thing our body has to go through so it's very surprising that there aren't more recommendations to visit a chiro sooner to help the baby and the parents adjust/cope normally.
Hi Ange, would you believe I live at Shailer Park!! What a small world. Caleb, my sons neck was just a mess. It was out all over the place. The problem meant he had just about no strength or control in his neck and his head was constantly on its side. We thougth it was just cute not knowing this meant he had a problem. He would have been in a fair amount of pain as well. If we had taken Caleb earlier when his bones were supple and closer to when the "injury" happened the problem could have been fixed without leaving any signs. But as he had started to grow with his neck being in such a state it will never be perfect. To put it another way it shows up sort of like a scar. As I said the few chiros he has seen pick up his neck everytime and comment of what a mess it is, and this is only from the adjustment no xray. They constantly remind me to continue with his adjustments so he doesnt have any further problems. I also know when he needs an adjustment when his sleeping pattern is all out or when he starts sleeping on his stomach again. The chiro explained he was probably sleeping on his stomach to relieve the pressure in his neck as well as easing his reflux.
My sister in law also swears by her Osteopath who is at Toowong. She also put me on to the Bowen Therapist at Helensvale. At the time I was advised Chiro from my physio and a co worker of my husband so thankfully we went with that.
My son was born at Sunnybank Private which runs a well being clinic once a week. You can have your baby weight and measured, talk to a midwife about just about anything and they have a weekly group discussion with guest speakers. I was given an old list of weekly subject discussed and a Chiroprator was one of them. Unfortunatly they never ran this class while I was attending or else Caleb may have been seen earlier.
I friend of mine recently had a baby where his arm was stuck near his head. He was stuck for a few hours as the staff had no idea of this and just kept yelling at her to push harder. It was a terrible thing to happen to both of them and all I could think of was Chiro and quick. As you said being born is one of the most tramatic things to happen to us. When you really think about it you dont have to be Einstein to work out you would have to have some sort of injuries from it all. Thankfully when we went to a Chiro we were not only given but took great advice.
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