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1st time mum with bubba that wont sleep,do i let her cry to sleep?? Lock Rss

Hi there

I am a first time mum to a gorgeous 7 week old baby girl who wont sleep!After looking on this forum i now realise im not the only one.
We have our good days and bad, but more of the bad lately.(the heat isn't helping)
I wont to no is there something that im doing wrong or is this normal for babies so young?
She changes her feeding and sleeping pattern everyday so it's hard to get her into a routine.I don't want to force her to sleep or force feed her either.Im really into what works for her and what works for us and i don't want her to be unhappy,unsettled just because iv'e had enough.
Like alot of the other mothers on here she needs to be rocked to sleep either in my arms or her bouncer and most of the time once she has fallen asleep and i put her in her bassinet she wakes up again.Im am happy to have her in our bed because she seems to sleep for longer periods with us but at the moment it's a case of trying to get her to fall asleep and stay asleep!!!!She cat naps during the day and i wont let her sleep after 4-5pm because she will hardley sleep during the night.i try to start settling her around 9pm so she has just fallen asleep when we hop into bed,but i find once she wakes it is so hard to get her back to sleep and to stay asleep.
An example would be last night.She wouldn't settle and became so overtired that come to 12.40am she finally drifted off (we had been trying since 9.00pm - 3.5 hours to try get her to sleep!)She wasn't in her bassinet,or bouncer but wedged between a cushion on the couch -my last resort!She slept untill 3.15am was awake untill 4.00am and then asleep again untill 5.10am.I never thought i would have my baby sleeping on the couch!!!I then jumped back into our bed her in toe and she slept untill around 8am.Ok but the fact i couldn't get to sleep until 12.40am did it for me!That's why im writing this post as im not to keen on sleeping on the lounge floor!
My partner is over it and wants me to let her cry to sleep in her own bedroom.I don't no whether i can do that,it breaks my heart.The two times i have let her cry without tending to her she was crying for a reason - a dirty nappy and wind.But for my own sanity how long should i persist for?
Is letting her cry to sleep my last resort if i have been up all night without no success?

Thank you to anyone that can help as im finally in need of some advice.
First question is are you breast feeding or formula? We had the same problem with DS for the first few weeks while breast feeding. He only cat napped and as soon as I put him down, he would wake up in 10 minutes. I got over it very quickly and decided to change to formula. He started sleeping from 7pm to 1.30am and then 2am to 5.30am. For the last two weeks he is now sleeping from 7pm right through til 5.30am in his own room in a cot at 10 weeks old. He wasn't satisfied on breast milk. It wasn't filling his belly and therefore he wouldn't sleep...

she's formula feed which is even more suprising that she's not settling and sleeping properly.i always make sure she has had a good feed before bed time and well can't be that she is hungrey as to why she isn't sleeping well.
or can formula fed babies be unsettled with there sleeps to?
My 6 week old daughter is now formula fed after problems with my milk not filling her and eventually drying up, and we also are having a few sleep issues. At first it helped to settle her quite a bit (3 to 4 hour chunks at a time), however the past couple of days she is very unsettled from mid afternoon till 9 - 10 at night. Last night was a shocker, I think she slept all of 1.5 hours from 1pm to midnight!! Thankfully she slept till 6am, but we are wondering if the formula we are giving her is causing her tummy probs. We were giving her S26 Gold but saw she was having some pain doing poos, so a couple of days ago changed to the Original and that is when the unsettled sleep started. Could it be a tummy-ache or some sort of discomfort that is waking your little one up?

no i don't think so because she doesn't seem to be in any pain.i no when she is and when she has a tummy ache etc etc.i believe she is just so overtired,but how do i settle her when she won't sleep.
Hi Chaney,
Contact you Child and Youth Health Nurse and have a chat with them. They are a wealth of knowledge. We have sleep issues with our nearly 4 month old and I wish I had of contacted them sooner. My theory is if it feels wrong to you then don't do it. Studies have shown that letting bub cry it out does more harm then good. The mid wife when I had our bub(I am in SA) said "Think about it from you little persons point of view he/she has been inside you for the last 9 or so months all cosy and warm with constant contact and then when they are born they are no longer attached to you but still see themselves very much apart of you and don't understand why all of a sudden they left on their own." It really made me re think how we planned to do things. Good Luck!!!

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

hi chaney

hang in there is does get better!! i have a 6 month old now who has never been a great sleeper. he has always gone to bed at 7pm and for the first 3-4 months he woke roughly every 3 hours. i saw my child health nurse who suggested making sure he is fed every 3 hours during the day so 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and then 6.30pm so he is getting enough milk to satisfy him. up until he was 12 weeks old i also fed him just once during the night (usually if i couldnt get him to sleep any other way!!) this seemed to work and by 16weeks he was only waking twice a night and would usually go back off to sleep with a drink of water or cuddle. If neither worked id bring him into my bed and he'd sleep curled up in my arms. some nights i still do this if he's having trouble drifting off. but mostly now he sleeps from 7pm-6.30am. so there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

just do whatever feels right for you both. Try to speak to your child health nurse and get some advice. i also couldnt do controlled crying, way too stressful! fingers crossed it all works out!

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