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I have a few kind of related questions and I;m hoping to get some advice.

I'm OK with the difference between day and night routines for my 8 week old baby, but I'm not sure of how to define day and night. No matter what times I feed him, he's awake about 4 or 4.30 in the morning and will only go back to sleep in my arms. It's almost as if he's ready to start the day then, but there's no way that I am.

Other times at night he sleeps well (I put him to bed nearly asleep and he stays asleep for 2 - 3 hours).

During the day, he's only been sleeping for one hour at a time. I put him into bed awake but tired and he goes to sleep by himself. He seems unable to put himself back to sleep after he wakes about an hour later. No matter what I do, the only way he'll sleep more is being held. This is a relatively new problem, starting about a week ago.

I'd love to get any advice that you have.

I'm not sure what your questions are, so will blab on a bit about what worked for me. You can always ignour me if its not what you wanted - LOL.

I liked that day/night concept so was pretty keen on making the environments different. During the day I still close the curtain, but its quite bright in DD's room. There is lots of traffic noise and I would have the TV on, vacuume etc.

Night time was naturally darker, had soothing music, fed her in her room with just enough light coming in from the hallway. We are a lot quieter at night too.

It took a long time to get DD to put herself back to sleep. I suppose I didn't let her cry much in the beginning as thought if she stirred, she must be hungry. Its one of many little mistakes I made along the way - LOL.

I found that DD changed so much in the beginning. I would be chasing my tale constantly, and when I had things going well for a couple of days - some-thing would change.

So what is your goal? What would you like your DS to be doing?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

You might find that he is waking early in the morning because he is cold? Bubs don't move as much as adults in their sleep so don't generate the same amount of body heat to heat the bed and themselves. Try adding a blanket over him before you go to bed. This worked for Jeb smile
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