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refuses day sleeps!!! Lock Rss

can anyone help me with my 9 week old boy?!!!
He will not sleep during the day unless being held, when I think he's fully asleep I put him down and within seconds he cries. Then when i hold him again he's settled.
I have tried everything from rolling the pram, swaddeling (which he doesn't like! ) to keeping some music on. Nothing seems to work, my baby boy just refuses to sleep.
Come 6pm he is such a grizzler.
By 8pm I give him his feed and then it takes me an extra half hour of cuddles before he falls asleep. The night is good waking up every 3 hours for a feed.
It would be nice if bubba could sleep abit thru the day so I can get a few things done around the house.

kb, perth

Hi there, my name is Kellie and my baby is 10 weeks old and also refuses to sleep during the day unless she is held. Night times are great she will sleep anywhere from 7-8hrs a night. She will have her 3am feed(180mL) and go straight back to sleepin her bed. I think its a security thing during the day my baby girl will wake up crying when i put her down after her being asleep for ages in my arms. She absolutely loves being wrapped in a blanket. Is this your first baby cos Tianah is my first. It certainly makes it hard trying to get things done. So dont stress you're not the only one smile Maybe someone has some ideas to help us both out. Do u have yahoo messenger or msn messenger if so we could chat on there if u like?
you could try a baby sling or carrier, should help you get things done if you need to carry the little one while he sleeps.

I had this trouble a few weeks ago and we let him play for a while. On a blanket or rocker, just let him have some kick time, as my husband calls it, and this helps to make him tired. It seems that if he has regular naps during the day he sleeps better at night too.

Good luck!

Michele, SA

Hi all. We are having exactly the same problem. No sleeping during the day and perfect sleeping during the nights (I think our 6 week old averages 12 hrs sleep a day). We have tried the settling method (leaving him to cry for 10 min, settle him, cry for 10 min, settle etc up to 2 hrs, and still does not settle), swaddling, going for a walk, have him in a front back, going for a drive, dummy (but we have to hold it in for him). We have resorted to having me breastfeed him and have him sleep on our knee. We are in need of help as well!!! In saying that, today we bought a sleeping wedge and he is sleeping at the moment (in his bassinet) on his side (we usually sleep him on his back). Our reasoning for this is that during breastfeeding he falls asleep on his side. Initally, he cried on and off for 15 minutes and then fell asleep. He has been asleep for nearly 2 hrs now. So wish us luck that this works more than once!!!


My 10 week old boy has developed this habit too. He has always been a very alert and wakeful baby during the day. It did not make him grumpy but nowadays it seems to be taking its toll. He just fights the sleep. I feel that he knows it's daytime and daytime is not for sleeping! He sleeps very well at night and never needs resettling (unless I'm trying to buy myself another hour's sleep!).

I find that a firm swaddling, patting and a firm shsh does sometimes work. I have to admit that when all else fails he will sleep on the couch or on a blanket on the floor in the lounge with me - even sometimes on his tummy (of course, always supervised). When this happens, forget housework - put a good movie on, read a book or hang out on the laptop (talking to you all!).


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