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i have a 11 day old baby boy who will stick to a routine of a day but at night it all goes out the window and changes every night yet i feed him at the same time every night but when he settles he'll sleep for 5 hrs straight, so im wondering what sort of routines and settling methods other mums have as i want to get him in a good routine early.

Hi Simone,

In the first month my little girl changed her nighttime routine constantly. Some nights she wanted feeding every three hours, and others she would sleep through for nine hours. As long as your baby is learning the difference between night and day, it doesn't matter how much they want to eat at night. As long as you get plenty of sleep.

My little girl eats when she wants through out the day, but at about 5 her night time routine begins. I feed her a little at about 5, sometimes she will have a cat nap between 5 and 5.45 for about 10 mins. Hubby either comes home or is home and he baths her at 5.45. He's usually finished about 6, he says good night and I take her into her room and she has her big feed then. She is usually down by 6.30 with a dummy. If she stirs after this, I go in, I don't talk to her, pick her up and I don't turn on any lights. I just put the dummy back in her mouth until she's still and I put the sheets back on (she always kicks them off!!). Then I leave. Sometimes she will do this for an hour, but persistence is the key. She used not wake up until about 2 for a feed, but now she doesn't feed at night, but she might stir once or twice and she is only two months on Friday. She's had mainly the same routine since she was brought home, but she has made it earlier and earlier (she used to go to bed at 7.30-8.00).

We do sometimes have bad nights, where she has wind, or my milk was bad quality and she will want to be fed again at about 11. But I believe if you keep the same before bed routine, he will eventually settle into a night time routine for you. He is only 11 days old, so he still needs to work it out for himself. If you demand feed, you know that he is getting fed when he is hungry. Sorry it's so long!!!
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