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HELP***self settling-sleep 20mins only***HELP Rss

I have a 5 week old and a 19 month old. Have been doing self settling for 3 days now(today is day 4) and my little one goes off within half hour but then only sleeps 20 minutes. I try and resettle him and have done for an hour each time but he won't resettle and becomes histericle. The technique i use is 3 minutes of crying then in rocking/patting for 2 minutes back out for 3 mins etc. This carrys on from around 7am til 9/10pm when he finally sleeps for a block-sometimes 3 hrs if I'm lucky, then a bottle and sleeps usually another 2 hours bottle another 2 hours then 7am arrives and start my day again fighting to get him to sleep more than 20mins. Please help anyone...I'm open to any ideas at all

Christine-Brandon born 18/8/04 Drew born 11/2/06


If baby doesn't have wind, has a clean nappy, hasn't spit up all over their face (mine does this!) and is nice & warm, resettle them, but let them cry a bit longer ie 15mins etc. They often will settle themselves again (mind you it will feel like hours they are crying for!)
My boy often wakes after 20 mins sleeping, sometimes its wind, sometimes he has spit up all over his face (speak of the angel he has just woken now after 25mins !!!!) or sometimes believe it or not he has started his active sleep pattern and is actually not awake at all, even has his eyes open !!!!!!
These are all I can suggest as I don't face this problem much, only when he is having a growth spurt and wants to be cuddled.

Good luck

Shell, DS 23/1/06 & DD 11/9/07 WA

My GP suggested the same thing as Shell. And that is if there's nothing wrong with them (not cold / hot / wet) then leave them to cry - and often they will re-settled themselves.

Also I have observed my little boy on occassions crying in his sleep, and he just fixes himself up pretty quickly and continues on sleeping. I'm trying the 'let-them-be' technique tonight for the firt time tonight as recommended by the GP to get bubs sleeping through the night.


Alicia - Baby Aaron (TAS)

Just wanted to see how you went at the doctors and with settling your precious little one ? Any luck ?
Actually what Alicia said yesterday is quite true also.
Babies sleep in 40minute cycles (like adults) and they have an active sleep state for 40 mins the a restful state for 40 mins.
In restful state they don't move a muscle, in active sleep they are extremely active where you think they are actually awake, but they aren't.
My boy Jordan has tricked me many times thinking he is actually awake.
He crys in his sleep like he is in pain (last for a minute or so) then he goes back to sleep, then he might open his eyes, look around, then go back to sleep, he might talk in his sleep, he flings his arms around, he grunts.......its interesting to watch, but also gives you a good idea of when he is actually awake. This is very normal for all babies.
So as Alicia said, they can actually cry in their sleep but it doesn't mean they are awake.
I don't know if you are into reading books at all, but I use "On Becoming Baby Wise" which has been an absolute gem to me, and is where I found out how to settle, resettle, selfsettle Jordan and about their routines, dropping feeds etc sleeping through the night, the 45min intruder where they wake 45 mins into naptime & what to do about it......
Its worth the money ($25) for you sanity & confidence & peace of mind also !!!

Good luck

Shell, DS 23/1/06 & DD 11/9/07 WA

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