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It's Time To Sleep Rss

I have been having huge problems getting my boy to self settle. I started self settling by waiting 6 minutes then going into his room going in another 6 minutes later etc... but it was just not working. I purchased the other day the book and DVD "Its time to sleep" the one reccommended on this site. I was just wondering if other people have used this and if it worked or how you changed it to make it work.
I dont fully understand the settling technique. She suggests that you put the baby on one side and pat until baby calms, if after 15mins of patting and trying to calm your baby is not asleep pick up cuddle and try the other side for 15mins. This is so different to what i have been doing. Maybe it wil work but im just interested to hear how other people went.

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

The patting thing is to sooth the baby but they aren't supposed to be able to see you. I've always used music I play certain cds or the radio in Lilly's room. I'm addicted to the feed, play, sleep routine and I've had no problems settling her (fingers crossed). They have to calm when they go down but you're not supposed to rock the baby otherwise it will never go down without being rocked. Which can be a nightmare. good luck let me know how you go.

One day at a time

I am also doing the feed/play/sleep routine and it works beautifully... Tobey does have trouble getting to sleep sometimes so I let him cry for a max of 5mins before I go in and let him know it is ok, give him a pat and let him have a bit more of a cry - normally he is asleep within 15 mins... but you have to be comfortable with whatever you are doing and stick with it. Today with it being hot, I have popped him in our room with the a/c - that seems to have helped him settle - yesterday he seemed too hot and bothered to settle well.... I have never used the patting method cause I find it too hard ie. baby screaming right next to me - I am happier letting him cry it out on his own and it seems to have worked....

Tobey - Born 2/2/06

Hi Kades Mum, which part of Kades body are you patting, if the bum and it isn't working try another part of his body, my Bub (Theo) settles better when I gently pat his arms (which are swaddled under his sheet). I found that patting his botty actually stimulated him (typical male!!!!!!!) and was not soothing at all! Are you still swaddling? I find that when Theo is tired and I swaddle him it is almost like he smiles at me to say thanks Mum thats what I was wanting. Good Luck, Naomi
Hi there ,

sorry to here your having troubles,

I borrowed this dvd off a friend who actually had the lady come out and help her as her baby was such and bad sleeper.

Yes it works sometimes straight away my boy just would n't settle so i wtched it time to sleep and went and tried it straight a way and bamm off to sleep straight away .

( how old is you bubs )

Just remember don't put him to sleep settle untill he starts taking hits and gentle remove your hand and self from room and allow him to do the rest .

CHeers K

kirsten vic

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