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A Routine for Feeding and Sleeping Rss

I have bought the "bible" to sleeping and settling! This book was recommended to me by another mother and the author has 30 years nannying experience in the UK and her methods are tried and tested and many supported by industry.

The New Contented Little Baby by Gina Ford and is available in Australia, I bought mine at Dymocks. It dispels many of the advice we are given and gets baby into a routine from day one with feeding and sleeping. We have been following the routines for a week now with great results. Your baby could be sleeping through from 7pm until 7am in no time at all.

The routines can be a little restrictive in the beginning but they do work and you can use your discretion on how some of the time frames work for you. I also have a 5 year old at Kinder so I have to fit in around her drop off and pick up times when my partner is unable to help out.

Buy the book, it will be your salvation!

Caroline ACT, newborn

I have it too. I would say I couldn't follow her as strictly in the very early days but follow it all pretty much now and find it very usefull. I would recommend being a little flexible with most things when it comes to babies. If you are the kind of person who likes to plan things and know what your day should be like then I would say get it. If you are dead set against routines and want to do what ever and follow your babys lead then perhaps it's not for you but you might find you are desperate for some kind of routine after a while and you can buy it then tongue . I also have one of the baby whisperer books and would also recommend it too as another approach to routines/advice. That way you can pick which aspects you like and combine them (as I have found I have done).

I have found it interesting that the new idea these days is "demand" blah blah but almost everyone here either followed a basic routine or ends up in one after a while anyway. I am an advocate of flexible routines. How else is your baby (or body if your breastfeeding for that matter) going to know what to expect from day to day and day to night.
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