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hard to settle after a feed Lock Rss

i have an 11 day old DD who takes up to an hour to settle after a feed. it seems she wants to be upright after feeding and then when i think she has settled, i lay her down wrap her up and pop her in her bed but after about 5mins she starts screaming again. im pretty sure it isnt wind as she usually burps and farts afterwards (and during sometimes).
any ideas on what her issue may be, do i just have a bub that wants to be cuddled constantly (god i hope not) any suggestions on what i might be able to do.
PS - i also have a 12 month old DD which means i dont always have the time to be sitting down cuddling DD2.
thanks in advance


Congrats on your baby girl!

When you say you think she has settled, do you mean you think she is asleep, or that she is quiet and ready for bed? Is she giving you indications that she is tired?

Think for a moment...for the last 9 months she has been effectively cuddled and rocked to sleep in your womb. It's the only way she knows. Now she's out in this big bright scary new world, and she's looking for comfort from the only person who can give it - you. She can't yet eat, move, or look after herself like an adult, so it's not really fair to expect her to sleep like an adult.

I don't really know what to suggest with regards to how to juggle this and a one year old. That must be tricky!

But...there is a great book out there called The No Cry Sleep Solution, by Elizabeth Pantley. She is particularly looking at nighttime bed routines, but I think some of what she says could be applied during the day too. She helps you to work out a plan that fits you, your baby, and your family (rather than a one-size-fits-all plan). Her website might be a good place to start if you want to check it out.

Hope that's some help,

Kirsten <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>]

Hi there..

Could it be reflux? Sounds very similar to my DS who is now on medication. Is she settled during the feed? My DS was settled feeding for the 1st half of a feed then would start to become unsettled for the rest of the feed, arching his back and pushing his head back and also kicking his legs around the place.
I also have another young child and feel like all I'm doing is setling DS.


This is what im going through with my DS2 at the moment, he feeds and lately spews it all up so then he is hungry again and i also burp him half way through his bottle, but he grunts and farts when i feed him and will cry out all of a sudden, and he wont be put down after a feed and today I spent 4 hrs rocking him in my rocking chair because he wouldnt settle, i have a 2.5 yr old so doing this all the time is not my idea of fun. As soon as he is picked up he stops crying.

So im sorry to not be able to give you any advice but just know your not alone and there are others going through the same thing!

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