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Resettling after a catnap Rss

Hi ladies,
I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and how you went about fixing it...

DD will go off to sleep pretty well most days on her own but will occasionally wake after 40 min (1 sleep cycle) crying her little heart out. i leave her a few minutes to try resettle herself and if that hasn't worked I go in to start patting to resettle, however this makes her crying worse, not better. It sounds like I'm hurting her (which I'm not) and she pushes her legs straight out, tensing up her whole body.

Would I be better off just leaving her in the first place? She is so much happier after a good sleep and so am I!

I'm interested to hear what others have done

me '78, df '77, ds 5/5/03, dd 28/11/05


I have the same problem with my 6 week old, he wakes quite frequently through the day thats if i can get him to go down at all, i find if you pick them up and take them into a different area and hold them, maybe this will lull her back to sleep and then you can put her back, i find if i leave my little man there he will only work himself up into a scream, usually works for me if i pick him and pat him whilst walking around the house, he usually settles back......

Renee,Sydney, 4 week old baby

Hi Girls, My little one does this as well! I have found that if I pick him up wrap him up like we did when he was a new born stick him on the boob and hey presto back to sleep again for good!!! (He has been a sleep now for 3 hours and no stirring what so ever, amongst the mayhem of a house with a 10 year old boy, 11 year old boy and their "annoying" 7 year old sister, the washing machine going full tote, and this forever loud Rainbow Lorikeet that we are babysiting! Good luck! Naomi
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