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Perfectly self settles - still catnaps though!! HELP Rss

Sorry to just so frustrated
I have taught my 9week old boy to self settle which he does perfectly 9 times out of 10 day or night BUTduring the day he'll still wakes up exactly 40-45minutes later!! driving me crazy...usually I can resettle him for another 40-45minutes and so the saga continues...on and on and on
I am using the recommended routine by Tizzie hall to the EXACT MINUTE mainly because we'd naturally settled into that routine ourselves before I discovered this resource (also, only one feed a night)
He is so perfectly settling himself, when I first put him down so why can't he do it himself again??? I am so desperate to find an answer that I'm searching the web like a mad woman....I discovered a website in states ( who suggests that you should settle your baby just when they're starting to stir at 40-45minutes and before they fully wake.....does anyone have an opinion on this? would I make all my hard work so far in vain??
Just completely at a loss...I'm just asking for an hour or an hour and a half nap, but we're still getting the 45minute naps over and over again...don't want to battle with him anymore

QLD Mumof3


I had this problem too.I was told that 45mins is a typical sleep cycle. When baby would wake I would try to resettle her. I would do it for anywhere up to an hour until finally it started working. I was at TResillian and it was So frustrating. I could time her waking up to the exact minute! Eventually she got it though.

Like I said earlier I just kept resettling over and over and over. By the end of 6 weeks she was having 3 hour naps.

Is Tizzie Hall's book good? i have gotten into the bad habit of nursing her to sleep again though. So am keen to try anything new!
Try sleeping him in his pram, If he can lie down completely, wrap him like anew born and if he stirs rock the pram until he goes back. You will need to persist for maybe a week (no going out) with this but he should get the hang of it. Try not to let him see your face! Naomi
With Jeb when he was going through this stage I would trying and get in to him as soon as I heard him stir, put his dummy back in and leave the room without talking or making eye contact. Sometimes this would work sometimes not. Other times I would do the re-settling thing. I would wait 6 mins go in re-settle and leave the room and so on. In the beginning this may take up to 40 mins or so before he would go back to sleep but at least he did. I never let him get really upset when doing this but a little crying didn't hurt. I was very consistent with the things that I did with Jeb but I will say it did take him longer to learn how to get through to the next sleep cycle than how to self-settle in the first place. Just stay strong and do what feels right for you. Once he does start to sleep longer he should do it more consistently. smile
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