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Hi everyone, hoping I might be able to get some ideas as to how I get my 9 week old DS into his cot without a fight.

We decided it was time to put him in his cot last weekend, as we finally got an angelcare monitor and hes really outgrown his moses basket that we have had him in up intil now. when we used to put him in his basket, he was instantly happy, it would even stop him crying and he would go to sleep with no fuss, but now when we put him into his cot he screams instantly and fights for ages going to sleep, we spend ages getting him up and down, rubbing his head, trying to comfort him etc. he does sleep for the same length of time as always when he finally gets to sleep though. Today I gave up after two hours of getting him up and down and put him in his basket and he went to sleep within minutes and no crying. I dont know what to do about it. I cant bear to listen to him cry so I dont want to do any sort of controlled crying thing, he also doesnt go to sleep on me or my DH so this probably wouldnt work either.

I would be grateful for any suggestions you might be able to give, or experiences you've had. Thanks in advance.

Stef smile

Hi Stef,

Have you tried placing his moses basket in the cot for his sleeps, s o that he can get used to it a bit more gradually?

Kirsten smile]

I don't have any idea's for you as I too am having the same problem. We are using a Tetra Bed at the moment and it is so cosy and comfy and also allows my DS so sleep on his side without moving anywhere.. and now cant get him to sleep in the cot on his back!!!


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