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MSN Messanger Rss

I am a first time mum. I have a son who is seven weeks old.

I was wondering if anyone with similar aged babies wanted to use MSN Messanger to share problems, ideas and general support each other, like an on line mother's group.

It's easy to use and you just need a hotmail address...

Mine is

Hope to hear from you soon!!

NSW, 7 week old son

Hey ryn
I am also a first time mummy. I have a four month old baby born at 28 weeks so really he is only about 7 weeks old. I hope you don't mind but i have added you to my msn and i hope that we will be able to chat on there and to give each other ideas and support also. If you wont to add me my email is

Hope to talk to you soon.
hey i have a 11wk old son whose my first baby and wolud love to chat sometime so ill add you hope you dont mind

nadine,wa,baby boy 3/1/06

I would love to join in. I'm a first time mum with a 10 week old boy. Ryn, I've added you to my contacts. Skye, I've added you too.

Look forward to talking soon!


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