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teaching baby to self settle Lock Rss

Hi guys wonder if you can help .

My 15wk old boy send him self to sleep only iff i help him if i put him doen in his cot awake to go off to sleep he will stil bhe awake 1 ,2,3 hrs later if i'd let him. he just plays with his hands or blankets the whole time or just lies there an grizzles..

has any one got any good tricks for teaching them to self settle

Thanks Kirsten

kirsten vic

The only thing I can think of is just leave him. He'll eventually get the message. If you do the same thing day in day out and roughly the same times he will soon learn. At 15 weeks Jeb was feeding every 4 hours and would be awake for 2 hours then sleep for 2 hours twice a day with a nap of up to an hour in the afternoon. You have to make sure bub is ready to go to sleep but also not over tired. Hope I have helped a little smile
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