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Sleeping through the night Lock Rss

Ryan is 8 wks old and generally settles well now he is in a routine. His last feed is at about 10pm which is a dream feed. He still wakes during the night for a feed though. The last few nights it seems to be about 4am that he wakes. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to sleep through till about 6am? Some friends have suggested putting the dummy in but it doesn't last long.
My son started sleeping through at about 10 weeks. Prior to that he was having a feed at 4.30am every day. Then one day he just slept through till 7am. I didnt do anything different, he was just ready. Now & then he still wakes up for a feed (he is 14 weeks now) but usually only if he hasnt eaten much during the day or he is sleeping somewhere new. Babies can still need night-time feeds until 6 months of age (sometimes longer). My advice is hang in there, he is doing pretty well - he might just suprise you soon!
Hi Blakey

Your on sounds the same as mine... I give him a dreamfeed about 10 and he wakes for a feed sometime betweeen 3 and 5. He is 7 weeks old.

I'm breastfeeding and I've been told that makes a big difference. A friend suggested giving a bottle for the last feed to get him through the night. As my son happily takes both I'm tried this the last two nights. So far no change... But I'll let you know if it works.

Anyway don't feel frustrated your son is not the only one still waking for night feed.

Hope he sleep through soon

NSW, 7 week old son

i started about a week ago (my boy is 8wks) feeding at 7.30ish pm bath at 8pm and he is asleep by 9 latest. and doesnt wake till 5.30ish sometimes he wakes at 2 for his dummy but goes to sleep again til 5.30- 6.00

***haydens mum***

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