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When do you use a dummy? Lock Rss

Just curious as to when you use a dummy, purely for sleep time? or whenever baby is un settled?
Im pregnant with my first bub and don't have hugely strong views for/or against dummies and im not trying to start a debate just interested in what works for different people?

I was thinking of having one as a backup when bub first arrives but mainly for sleep time, so it becomes apart of the sleep rouinte maybe..if needed...any thoughts?


When DS was born, we would use it to help him sleep. Now that he is older he finds his own dummy whenever he wants one. He has little secret stashes everywhere! Also, if we are out and he is cranky and grizzly I'll give him is dummy to soothe him.

I'll probably take the dummy away at 12 months.

I think they are fantastic - as long as you get the orthotic ones. My SIL didn't use a dummy with her first but did with her second and found it made life a lot easier!
I am finding I am using my dummy whenever she is unsettled.. she seems to settle herself with it, and then spits it.

I think dummies are great. They definately make life easier, especially with 3 other kids lol.

Personally I am against using a dummy. My first never had one and neither does my third! My middle child was given one at two weeks of age (by a nurse in the hospital ... she was back in hospital for a week poor bubba) which i didn't agree with but they assumed it would 'help' her sleep! I then had the issue after a few months of her waking up every time it fell out of her mouth!! We removed the dummy at four months of age at the suggestion from a sleep school and I am so glad we did. She soon got into a great sleep routine ... sans dummy!!
It's a personal choice ... but i don't believe it makes it any easier to settle a baby smile
Good Luck and do what you feel is right for you!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hi Bec,
The great dummy debate. I just had my 2nd child, he is now 12 weeks old and the past 2 days I have offered the dummy as he just wasnt himself and wouldnt settle, after trying everything that previously worked. He took it and spat it out once he was settled and I then removed it.

My 1st born is now 3 and she was given a dummy at 6 weeks, also for settling issues and she was only offered it for sleeping, she gave the dummy up on her own accord at the age of 2.

I think it is whatever you are comfortable with and what works. I must be honest, I didnt want to offer the dummy to my son and after the do I dont I, I decided, it didnt harm my daughter in any way (you read stories of speech delay, teeth problems, attachment etc).

You will know when the time comes and just be happy with whatever you decide. And you are right with the sleep routine, they know!!!!

Good luck.

Hi, I was always determined not to use a dummy as i didn't want one of those toddlers you see walking around with it hanging out of their mouths 24/7, but at 2 weeks my daughter would not settle and i gave in. My MCHN actually suggested i give her one as she said some babies just like to suck and it's better than them becoming a comfort feeder. My baby uses it when she's unsettled and also to go to sleep but spits it once she's asleep and sleeps fine without it. I think as long a you don't use it all the time and your baby has plenty of awake time without it they will develop perfectly normal speech and teeth.
[Edited on 23/03/2009]
[Edited on 23/03/2009]

My 11 week old has it when she's unsettled and I think as she gets older and learns to suck the bugger herself properly then she'll most likely have it for going to sleep and when unsettled - like my first. My first also loved it in the car - it kept her happy so therefore we were happy.

With our first DD both DH and I were unsure about using a dummy but we had no valid reason why, other than there seems to be some stigma associated with it - probably only amongst those without children LOL. Now we have No. 2 and we know that sucking is the only way a baby can comfort themselves and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them. I dont think a bub should have one permanently in its mouth but for comforting an unsettled baby or getting them off to sleep then I'm all for them.
My DS loved his dummy. He had avent dummies but only had them either when in bed or in the car. Only in the last 2 months have we got it off him (he's now 29 months).

DD was a different story, she was the most unsettled thing I've ever laid eyes on, and she wouldnt have a bar of the avent ones. At 11 weeks we had a trip to tresillian and they suggested a Happy Baby dummy. She took it and still has it now (6 months).

Having said that, they've both been through stages of waking repeatedly for the dummy, and we would employ a couple of nights of controlled crying and then we'd be back to sleeping well.

For the most part we try to get Erin to go to sleep without it, and she does that most if the time, but if she gets upset, or needs resettling the dummy works well.

I have found that if she stirs during the night, I have to let her get upset before giving her her dummy otherwise she lays there and whinges for ages, but if she gets upset first, she goes straight back to sleep.

Sorry about the novel, but I guess what I'm saying is that they have both positive and negative sides, but in my opinion they are a wonderful tool to help keep baby happy.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

Hi, i have used a dummy on my daughter from the time she was 2 or 3 days old at the advice of a midwife. she said whatever makes bubby settle is good, the choice was up to me. I myself used a dummy til i was 3 years old, and there is nothing wrong with me or my teeth, or whatever the problems seem to be to other people. Also, my sister is a dental technician, and she still gave her daughter a dummy, as they actually do not damage their teeth, or give them buckteeth or whatever. My daughter is a great sleeper, but if she does wake, i give her her dummy, and after a few sucks she usually goes to sleep and spits it out when she no longer needs it.

Thanks for taking the time to reply ladies smile I think i will get one to have as a back up. If we use it then so be it if not then great.

I never has a dummy or sucked my thumb but still had dental problems even though both my parents have lovely teeth so i guess you just never know!! lol.

My main concern was i don't want it to be a premanent thing..always in bubs mouth but i can control that from the start so will have one on standby for sleeping and just see how we go smile

Thanks again!


I used a dummy all the time initially, but then I made a visit to a sleep school at about 3 months & they suggested I used the dummy only for sleep time. It was fantastic!! Wish I'd done that right from the start!! Dummies can tend to hide or mask tired signs & symptoms, so often you can find you miss these when bubs is awake. Because I now use it as just a sleep aide, I know when my little man starts getting grizzly he's trying to communicate with me, which is usually I'm tired, or I'm bored & need a change or I'm hungry! It has made life sooo much easier. For my next bub, I'll just be using it for sleep time. Oh.....and in the car. Nothing worse than a screaming baby while you're trying to drive! Mine always sleeps in the car though, so it didn't really affect us.

I tend to be the opposite of others, we didnt use one for 8 weeks (except in the occasional emergency) we were so anti dummy - because I didnt understand the purpose of them - thought that they were just for keeping kids quiet, but when I realised that they calmed babies I didnt mind so much. It has been a god send for sanity as bubs has reflux and although on medication still has the occasional flare up. We use it for when we are out and about and she is over tired, means we can get her to sleep in the pushchair or car seat - we dont have a sleep anywhere type bubs unfortunately! so it means I can go out in public again! YAY! Can now go for coffee or lunch or shopping without bubs getting grizzly and overtired (she is only 10 weeks) We dont use it at home for sleeps or anything.
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