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big smiles yet? Lock Rss

My 8 week old doesn't give me the big cheesy toothless smiles yet. It's making me feel like she doesn't like me. She is happy and content, smiles at her toys and goos and gaas. I've only had a couple of true smiles as though she recognises me. Other times she looks into my eyes and stares but doesn't smile. Any suggestions on how to entertain her so she knows it's me and get her smiling?


Karen, BNE

Hi Kazandy, do not panic, she is probably busy learning something else! Smiling gernerally occurs around 8-10 weeks but some baby's are different. Some chuckle very early some not for ages. At 8 weeks I wouldn't be worried just yet. You need to smile at her whenever you are playing with her, big cheesy smiles! Also put her in fornt of a big mirror in your arms and smile at her and talk to her about herself, they need to be quite close to the mirror. If she has older siblings encourage them to smile at her as well. Don't worry she knows exactly who you are even if she is not smiling all the time. Give it time and it will come. Naomi
I had the same concerns at 8 weeks when both my GP and the maternal health nurse asked me if she was smiling yet. Suddenly I thought something was wrong with her or me, but a week or so later she gave me the biggest gummy grin and has not stopped since. You can't force them to smile at you no matter how many silly faces you pull, trust me, I tried! It just happens in their own time, and when it does, it melts your heart!

Shay ~ 2yr old DD, newborn DS

My little boy is about to turn 11 weeks old. He has just started giving those really big smiles but only a few a day...but we love what we get. He didn't actually start smiling till around 9 weeks and they were just little grins here and there. I think our little ones are all so unique as are their developmental stages and timings.

I spoke to our paediatrician about it (when he was 8 weeks old) and he said it was nothing to worry about at this stage. There is nothing better than that smile. There were days (when I was freaking out because he hadn’t smiled at the '8 week' mark) that my face was killing because it was so sore from me smiling at him trying to get a smile back.

I hope you get big grins soon!


Tania ~ VIC ~ Baby Boy ~ Brody ~ Born 14.02.06

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