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Confused about Tizzie Halls routine Lock Rss

I was just wondering what happens if your baby wakes earlier than the suggested feed time according to Tizzie Hall.

EG, my baby woke at 11.30 instead of 12.00. So i fed him and have put him back down 2 hours later, being 1.30pm.

Or am I meant to keep my baby up till 2.00pm to get back on track?

She has not addressed this in her book "save our sleep".

How are you all going with her routine, I have noticed that some of you out there are trying it.

I have been doing it for 2 weeks now and my baby is still crying when I put him down and is still catnapping like crazy! I am following her routine, however, I bath in the morning and my day starts at 8am and finishes at 8pm. I find that 7pm is far too early.


Although I dont know about Tizzies routines, from personel experience of having an atrotious sleeper and a so far (touch wood) good sleeper, that there is nothing much that you can do to get babies to sleep longer then they want to. Believe me, with my first I tried absolutley everything and she only ever catnaped until around 12 mths when she all of a sudden started sleeping 2 hrs at a time. Also she didnt sleep through consistantly until 20 mths( again with no special help or change in routine from me). We are using exactly the same techniques with DD2 and she sleeps mostly 3 hrs at a time between feeds atm (she's 19 days old) although still hasnt quite mastered the day/night thing yet.

So although I have no advice on your question I would say go with the flow of what your baby wants. If they are hungry, feed them, tired, put them to sleep. Babies dont do things by the clock as much as we may like them to wink It is good to try to encourage a feed/play/sleep routine but I wouldnt be too rigid on it.


Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

Hi Jessica
I used to try and keep the feed times and put to bed times no matter what time Jeb woke up that way his body gets used to these times which hopefully helped with longer sleeps. If Jeb did wake 1/2 hour earlier than his feed and was really grumpy I would hold out as long as we could before putting him down sometimes up to 30mins early. Also if Jeb woke 1/2 an hour before he was due to I would get him up but anything before that I would always try and re-settle. It did take a fair while before Jeb stopped catnapping himself but I just kept being consistent with everything I did and he eventually learned to sleep through. Consistency is the key to making it work. Also, you say that bub still cries when you put him down. Jeb did this too. i think (it was a long time ago now) He was on it for upto a month before he stopped crying long enough when I put him down for me not to go in. Bubs do that. They don't want to go to sleep coz they might miss out on!!! It's horrible to hear them cry but once you reach the point where you put them down and they go to sleep for 2 hours straight and the only noise you hear from them is when they wake up and want you to come get them.......that's bliss!!!!! I'm so glad I stayed strong and worked the routine to work for us. It feels good to put Jeb down and walk away and do some that I want to do knowing he'll go to sleep by himself. Sorry for my!! :0
hi jessica, i have an 11 week old and have tried following tizzie halls rountine to the exact times.i found it really didnt work for baby couldnt stay awake for even 1 1/2hrs, and was so hungry with the 4hr feeds.i just try and go with what my baby wants,but i do persist with the self settling and that has worked.i dont think we as adults would like to be told we will be eating only every 4 hours.i bath my baby at night and i find that helps him to relax and settle quicker.bed is around 7-7.30.good luck

vickie,sa,8week old

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