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Breast Fed babies sleeping through the night?? Lock Rss

Hi I am a mum of 3, however my other children were bottle fed. Now I have an 11 week old baby girl who is totally breast fed and I am wondering the best way to try and get her to sleep through the night.

She currently wakes up somewhere between 1:30am and 4am for one feed. Am I expecting too much for a breast fed baby to sleep through this young?

When she wakes she is changed and fed and straight back to sleep or atleast bed and then settles herself.

Any ideas would be great


Cathy,QLD, Charlotte Grace Elizabeth 10 Jan 06

Have you considered doing a dreamfeed? It's where you give bub a feed before you go to bed at say, 10:30pm. I was only b/fing Jeb for 2 weeks before going to bottle feeding when I started the dreamfeed at 7 weeks. You just make sure you have everything you need to start with, turn the lights down low, don't talk or have any noise. Gently pick bub up and feed while they are still "asleep", quick little burp and straight back to bed. you don't have to change bub if not needed as it may wake them too much. I gave Jeb dreamfeeds up until he was 6 months or so. It worked great for us. It took a little in the beginning not to wake him too much but after a week or so he never even opened his eyes. Just feed then straight back to bed. As he got older he sometimes "woke up" a little but he was so used to it all he never had a problem going back to sleep. smile
Hi cathy. I have a 10 week old who is also fully breastfed. He currently has his last feed at 6pm before bed at 6:30, then wakes at 11:30pm for a top up before waking at around 6am.

I'd like to get rid of the 11:30pm feed, and am about to try using 'cluster feeds' before bedtime. (ie 3pm, 5pm and 6pm).
My daughter is 12 weeks old and she is fully breastfed. She is sleeping through the night going down at between 9 and 10pm and sleeping through to about 8am. She used to wake every 4hrs at night so would be awake till 11pm wake up at 3am and sleep till 8am. I did the basic, nappy change and feed in the middle of the night ( i don't burp her at night as it wakes her up too much ) and she now cluster feeds in the evening about every 2 -3 hrs.

I give her a bath (with J&J bedtime bath - i swear by it!) at about 7.30pm (after home and away - a mum has to do some things for herself!! ) and then give her a good feed on both sides and make sure she feeds properly not just playing dummies. I put her to bed awake and she settles herself and sleeps through until the morning.

If she stirs in the night I go in and put her dummy back in (she only has her dummy at night time to settle herself and i only started using it with her at about 6 weeks old once breastfeeding was established) and pat her a bit and she drifts off again (although this has only happend once or twice) She has been sleeping through since about 8weeks old.

I think you really just need to perservere. Makaia started cluster feeding by herself and has about 3 feeds in 5 or 6 hrs and then a big one before bed. It is quite resonable to expect her to sleep through this young and you are doing exactly what i did too. So eventually your DD will learn to sleep through herself.

Hope this makes sense and its a help. I think routine is important with babies and having the same routine every night with makaia has helped i believe.

Congratulations on breastfeeding and keep perservering! I think it is the best decision i made with makaia so far! and much cheaper and portable too!


DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.


I think that you maybe are epecting too much, but it depends onthe baby.I of of the mind of if shes waking for a feed then they need it. My bub still has 2 night feeds at the least!! Most people I know with breast fed babies never got full nights sleeps until around 5 or 6 months

Tiddles, Vic, 3/1/2006 dd

Hi. My bub is 5weeks old now and has just started sleeping through from 10:30pm to 6:00am. From Day One I did her last feed at 9:30pm then woke her at 1:30am for a feed, then again at 6am. Now she's just started to stop waking for the 1:30am feed.

I think its because she started cluster feeds herself in the evening - feeding every 2hrs from around 3pm till the last 9:30pm feed. For the hour between feeds she has a little nap in hubby's lap while we watch t.v, have dinner etc then I put her in her rocker/bouncer for 15mins then on the playmat ~ then its time to feed again.

I think these cluster feeds in the evening fill her up (even though it feels like she's forever on the boob & I have to be more organised during the day with getting dinner pre-prepared etc plus comments from people that she's 'always feeding').

I found that dressing her in the Bonds Dressgowns helps with not disturbing her by taking her out of a jumpsuit when I change her nappy. Wrapping her up tightly stops her from waking herself up as well. Plus a ECHC Nurse told me that making sure they're not too hot or cold at night helps as this is one of the main reasons why bubs wake at night, if fed well.

Sometimes she'll wake just 20mins after putting her down at 10:30pm or she may wake between 10:30pm at 5:30pm so I go in there (turning no lights on & not talking) and put her on her side, tuck her in tightly and pat her for about 2mins ~ she soon drifts back off.
If she keeps crying (more a tired cry than a real hunger cry) I put the dummy in for only 2mins while patting her, then take the dummy out slowly, pat her for another 2mins - I find this is enough to settle her (without her getting too used to the dummy - i just use it to calm her down a little). If she continues crying & its a 'hunger' cry (continuous & gets louder with no breaks in between) then I'll feed her. But getting up only once a night on occassions is easy for me as I don't have other children like you do.

All bubs are different though & it is hard and trying at times. I suppose there are different routines for everyone as some mums have other children. I read that book 'save our sleep' which gave me some ideas, plus speaking to Tresillian nurses or ECHC Nurses.

I am a new Mum and am breastfeeding our 16 week old son. Since about six weeks old he has been sleeping right thru the night and it has been great. What we did was, first thing in the morning I would feed him off one side and then express the feed from the other side - this is great thick milk - especially as it's been building up all night. He's bathed about 5.30-6pm, then about 6.30pm my husband gives it to him (we heat it up standing it in hotwater - not microwaving) while I make the tea (so much for Mummy time out). Anyway, it's great bonding for father and son, and then bubs is content while we eat our tea, then from about 7.45pm, I just latch bubs on and let him feed and graze from both sides until he drifts off, then we put him in his bed - usually around 8.30-8.45pm and thats all we hear from him until 8.30-9am the next morning!!. Hope this is of some help, and good luck!!
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