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co-sleeping? Lock Rss

I have a 9 day old daughter and she has been sleeping in her bassinet except for the occasional morning after an early feed when I stick her in bed with me (dad's off to work by then) or if we have a nap together in the afternoon. You hear so much conflicting advice about co-sleeping I just wanted to hear some real life mums opinions!

two gorgeous girls!

Hey dude,
I found you!!!my advice!!to you - just do whatever feels right and do whatever works best for u and bubs...thats not much help huh...cant wait to meet her...bec.

Bec,VIC,MIKI 16/7/05 JELLYBEAN EDD 24/8/07

forgot to say...!!! sounds like Olivia has been more in the bassinet than Miki!!!!!!!

Bec,VIC,MIKI 16/7/05 JELLYBEAN EDD 24/8/07

Hi! The very first night my son was born, I co-slept with my new born. I found that my baby was the only one that didn't cry. I figure that bubba had been in me for 9 months, he'd want to be next to my warmth and heart beat! When we got home I put him into his bassinet and like you when daddy had gone to work I put my son in bed with me! My son is now 3 months old and sleeps perfectly well on his own in his cot, until dad goes to work and then wants to snuggle with me!!
I reckon if you feel safe enough and secure enough in your self then there is no real harm with co-sleeping. Plus being a mother I subconciusly knew bubba was lying beside me, plus being a light sleeper worked.
Ellie you do what you feel is right!!!

kb, perth

Hi Ellie,

I had Nate on the 12 March and I find that he sleeps much better in bed with me!!

I put him in his cradle at 7/8pm and then after his first feed (any time from 11pm) he basically stays in bed with me. I am not so concerned at the moment as he does not move around very much but when he does start moving I dont think I could continue as he may wiggle his way under the sheets or a pillow. It is more of a convenience thing at the moment as I often fall asleep while he is feeding.

As I said - I co-sleep - but this is what SIDs Australia has to say on the matter.

11. Is it safe to bedshare with my baby?

Many adult sleeping environments are unsafe for infants and may increase the risk of SIDS and fatal sleep accidents. Each year, several babies die whilst bedsharing.

An adult sleeping environment can be hazardous for infants and young children partly because the bedding generally includes pillows and duvets, which are not recommended in an infant’s sleeping environment.

Research has shown that the risk of SIDS and fatal sleep accidents increases in the following circumstances.

• If a parent who smokes bedshares with their infant
• If a parent is under the influence of alcohol or drugs that cause sedation
• If a parent is excessively tired
• If other children share the bed with an infant
• If the infant gets caught under bedding e.g. pillows and duvets
• If the bed is a water bed or if the mattress is too soft
• If a parent falls asleep with an infant on a sofa
• If an infant gets caught between the bed and the wall or falls off the bed
• If the infant is rolled on

Research in New Zealand and the UK has shown that sleeping baby in the same room, but not in the same bed, with the parents in the first six to twelve months of life is protective. This is thought to be because parents can see the baby and easily check to see that baby is safe. This protective effect does not work if the baby is in the room with other children probably because the children do not know if an infant is safe or not.

Never sleep baby on a soft mattress, couch beanbag, or waterbed with or without a parent as there is a very high risk of a sleep accident.

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

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