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moving baby into own room Lock Rss


My little boy is 8 weeks old and is sleeping in our room, was just wondering at what age others put there bubs in there own room, i am just so attached at the moment, i would worry all night if hes not next to me?


Renee,Sydney, 4 week old baby

My little one is 10 weeks old, and I do a combination of both. He goes down at 6:30pm in his own room, and then comes into our room when he wakes up for his midnight feed.

I tried putting him back in his own bed for a full night last week, but I was so paranoid something would happen that I ended up not getting any sleep myself!

I think I'll keep him in our room for the midnight to dawn shift for a couple more months yet...
Hi Renee,

Our little girl has always slept in her own room from the moment she got home so i can't help much on when it's time to move them. I have always used a monitor andit works great. It's not the one you put under the mattress but just a monitor that sits in her room and we have one in our room. It is really sensitive and you can hear every little grunt and fart - it is wonderful.


Karen, BNE

my little boy is 8 wks also and he was in his own room from about 4 wks. but our rooms are opposite each other and i have both doors open so i guess its basically the same as sharing a room. just do what feels comfortable. P.S i found just being that further bit away helped me fall asleep quicker as i wasn't there listening to every sound or movement he made. maybe try moving him just outside your room. ( if its possible)

***haydens mum***

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