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  5. bad sleeping arrangements am i the only 1 or r u the same???

bad sleeping arrangements am i the only 1 or r u the same??? Lock Rss

my 3mnth old will never sleep by himself i try everynite to put him in his own bed but i end up gettin to tired and give up does anyone have any advise on wat i should do i dont want to be sleeping with him forever!!!!!!

toddler and newborn

Hi there,

All I can say is don't give up!! The more you do it this way the more he will want it. I know it is hard and very tiring but my theory is put in the hard yards now for a smoother ride later.

I had issues with settling Jessica but have overcome them so I can kind of understand. Whilst she didn't sleep with me she would stay awake all day and be grumpy but now is able to sleep during the day which is heaven.

Perservere in getting him to sleep by himself, what settling techniques have you tried?

Karen, BNE


I had the same problem with my 11 week old waking during the night and not settling back into his cot. I ended up having him in bed with me as well. One of the other mums on this website suggested that I put one of my t-shirts (not washed) in his cot with him so that he could smell me, maybe this might work. You could also try swaddling him so he feels secure.

Beautiful boy born 11 Jan 2006

Hi you have any routine in place. I give my son his bath and then read to him. I then tell him it's 'night night time' and or 'bedtime'. I'm also one for swaddling. He get's his re-assuring kiss and tap on the chest then I tell him it's lights out but I leave the door ajar. Hope this helps.

Marie Qld - Roman's mum

Hi Nadine!

My daughter is also 3mnths old. She was very clingy at night times to begin with and was hard to put down. Makaia used to whinge to begin with and then get really upset so i would pick her up and re-settle her and put her back down. I found it really hard to do as i hate it when she cries (like most mums) but it is worth it in the end. She now sleeps fine and sleeps through the night (about 10-12 hrs) and i can put her in her cot awake and she will settle herself. It is hard but it has worked for me.

When babies are young the biggest thing is to give them attention when they cry so they associate that when they cry that you will be there for them. Well this is my belief anyway. I just perservered and it worked out ok.

Babies love their mummies and it is for the best that they can sleep in their own beds. Better sleep for you too!

You could wait until he is asleep and then put him down. When u put him down pat him until he settles. And I found using a dummy helps. Makaia only has her dummy when she is going to sleep. And i used the wrapping technique to start with but makaia is also nicknamed houdini and she used to wiggle until her arms were out. She now sleeps unwrapped in her bassinet with her sheets/blankets tightly tucked in. She sleeps in a baby sleeping bag i got from Big W. With layers underneath so incase she wiggles out. But each to their own. Lots of people swear bythe wrapping technique for settling.

I also use bath her before bed in J&J Bedtime Bath wash and powder and mosturiser and also use a bit of Vicks Baby Balsam ( only for above 3mnths of age ) if u would like to chat on msn sometime or email me my contact is

Hope things get better for u and i am sure he will learn sooner or later (hopefully sooner!)

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Hi Nadine, what i did was spray his sheet with the same perfume that i usually wear.This way he could always smell and think i was still there.hope this helps.

13 week old

vickie,sa,8week old

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