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How do you tell when a baby is hungry? Lock Rss

This might sound like a really stupid question but how can you tell when a baby is hungry??

I feed my nearly 4 month on a 3 hrly schedule during the day, but wanted to know what the actual hunger signs are, I know one of them is when they put their hands in their mouths but he does that all the time anyway so I'm never sure whether he is hungry or not. He generally feeds for about 20-40 mins 6 times a day but when he crys at nite I usually don;t feed him as most of the time he seems to be asleep when he is crying.

Sorry if this doesn;t make sense!
I always know when Theo (4 months old) is hungry because nothing else comforts him, though he pretty much feeds every 3-4 hours during the day and wakes once during the night, so I am on the look out for the signs (grizzling). Putting their hands in their mouths is not a sign of hunger as babies do not associate food going into their mouths as a way to curb their hunger, they are just not that advanced yet! They usually put their hands in their mouths for exploration and are learning fine motor skills rather than trying to tell you that they are hungry thats why you are seeing him do it all the time, it is definetly not a sign of hunger. His feeding times are very good so I reakon you are reading him really well anyway. Naomi T
My 3mnth old daughter puts her hands in her mouth frequently but this is def not a sign she is hungry but rather an exploring the world and stuff sign. I foind that when she is hungry, a dummy, a nappy change and a cuddle wont settle her.

But each baby is different and i am demand breastfeeding my daughter so i am unsure about the whole bottle feeding thing anyway. Sounds like u are doing the right thing to me. A good sign they are being well fed is if they are having many wet (not dirty) nappies throughout the day.

If he re-settles himself at night i would think he has just woken himself and isnt hungry. I found makaia got very unsettled and the only thing that would soothe her would be a feed. U will soon get used to their cries and u sound like u are doing everything right!

take care and if u would like to chat my msn/email is

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Hi Lany,

My jessica (9weeks) cranes her neck when I pick her up. I call it 'turtling' cos she looks like a turtle coming out of it's shell. Her mouth also makes a sucking motion. It's funny to watch then when I get into position she stops, looks at my boob and waits for it come out then opens her mouth wide and latches on. So that's my sign for hunger, however I try not to let it get to that as I feed her every 3 - 4 hours anwway, sounds like you've got it nailed anyway.


Karen, BNE

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