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12 wk old now not wanting go to sleep Lock Rss

hi all my 12 wk old baby girl has always been excellent at settling herself to sleep and always in bed at nite by 6pm wake up about 12-1 am have a feed then wake up about 4am for feed.last few days she just doesnt want to go to sleep in the day will not settle at all she is in her cot now for the 2nd time today and has been there for almost an hr and still grizzling off and on i gave up the 1st is dvg me crazy she has always been the perfect baby and when shes up shes cranky wont feed properly as shes so tired i just cant understand what has happened.and she is now waking up at least 3-4 times a night.always such a good ady sleeper im so worried .any ideas why this has happened.thanks.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

She may be going through a growth spurt. How long is she going between sleeps? At this age Jeb went to 2 hours up 2 hours down twice a day with a nap in the arvy. Or her teeth might be moving around in her gums too?
Hi There,

My daughter is 12weeks old too! Bubs usually go throught a growth spurt at 3-4months and can put the routine they did have out the window.

I have had the same problem with my daughter a few times but i found that just doing what i usually do helped (in my opinion) and she gets back into routine sooner or later.

When my DD went through her growth spurts she would do the same things! Growth spurts usually only last a few days or a week or something (well all of Makaia's have) so hopefully she will go back to being a good bubs for you!

My DD is also having her poor teeth moving around (little hite buds on their gums and swollen) so i am using a teething gel from the childrens hospital here as Bonjela and ones you purchase at chemists are usually 4mnths and up. You should be able to get some through the chemist.

Also are u using a dummy at all? It helped me a lot when DD was going through her growth spurts, although i have only used it since she was 6weeks old and she ONLY has it at nightimes when going to bed.

Good luck! Keep perservering! my email/msn is [email protected] if u would like to chat! Take care hun!

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

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