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Falling asleep during feeding Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

I find that when I get up at night to feed my little baby, I end up falling asleep! Generally I wake up to a very sore neck with a sleeping baby on my lap! Last night I fell asleep for nearly an hour this way. It isn't helping my rest and I feel so tired afterwards.

Do you have any tips to stay awake (yet not too awake so I can go back to sleep afterwards?). I keep the lights low so Cohen goes back to sleep easily afterwards and he does, but it also means that I fall asleep.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi Yvette

I too have the same problem during some night feeds except I tend to wake up feeling great. The two of us have actually fallen asleep for 5hrs in the middle of the night this way once!

I try to have the TV on low to keep me awake but it doesn't work too well for me. When those eyes are heavy there doesn't seem much you can do to keep them open does there.

Maybe try reading a magazine or something while you are feeding otherwise I don't have too many suggestions I'm sorry.

Best of luck

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Thanks for the suggestion Jo,

I don't have a TV handy so that is out (would have to traipse downstairs for the feed and I don't think I could be bothered)!.

Will try and read a book or something and see if this helps. Otherwise I guess I should just enjoy these moments!


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