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Am having trouble settling a 5 week old son after feeding. He basicaly gets milk drunk and almost falls asleep at the breast, however he still needs to be winded before putting down. When we do thsi it wakes him up and makes him alert, crying and wanting the breast again, however then falls asleep at the breast again.
Does bubs need to be winded everytime even after feeding for a few minutes before being put down?
As for posetting/vomiting is it best to leave bubs horizontal for a little while before winding to allow milk to digest in his stomach and if so how long.
I'm really curious as to what people have to say about this....

I too have a real young baby and he does exactly the same! He loves falling asleep whilst being feed, but suffers from terrible wind so I also try and burp him before putting him down.

Hope someone may have some advise for us smile
Hi. I too had this same problem and was told that if a baby falls asleep while breast feeding it is ok to put them into their cribs to sleep without burping.

Being a first time mum i also struggled with this for the first few weeks.

What i ended up doing is if my DD didnt bring up her wind within maybe 5 min, i would put her in bed.

She would then wake up again with wind within 15-30min generally. Just with a little cry or she would become restless so i would then burp her, and she would stay asleep so id put her back down.

Hope this helps ladies. And congrats on all your new babies =)
The exact same thing with my bub. he's 4 weeks and really content, except if he's got wind. He falls asleep on the boob, but if i try and wind him, often i don't get a burp, but just an alert unhappy baby from being patted constantly. the wind wakes him from his sleep. Any suggestions with infacol, brauer's colic relief, colief??? do these help? How long does wind normally stay around for? Should i eliminate any foods from my diet?
Don't forget that any reaction whether it be a burp, fart, poo is them getting their wind out.

If babys fine to sleep through he may be farting in his sleep therefore winding that is fine.
my little boy is 3 weeks old; I find that after giving him a bottle/ boob I pat him over my shoulder; if that doesnt bring burps up I lay him down for a minute then pick him back up again and pat him on my shoulder again. Most of the time does the trick.
I had probs with this too when my DS was newborn. I have been doing some further research into BF for the new bubs to make sure I am giving it my best shot again...
I was told with DS that fine to put him down without burping him if he falls asleep.. but that I should only do so if had a good feed. Esp in the first 6 weeks. If he wakes easily ie when placing in bed or gently burping then prob still needs to BF more.
The new info I have is that to undress bubs to nappy and singlet, BF that way as you will generate enough heat to keep bubs warm but not too warm to make too sleepy. Then if good drainage of breast then bubs should be well satisfied that can wrap him and put into bed without getting too upset.

I was told that posetting was normal and that not to worry unless more than 15cm diameter patch comes up after every feed in which case bubs not coping with amount and need to keep bubs elevated 45degrees.

On burping technique. I found that DS hated been patted. I found rubbing in upwards motion only from bum to middle back worked well.. and also sitting him up left hand under chin and over chest to support head and body and right hand on back, gently lift off your lap so just giving him little body stretch... his bum doesn't even need to leave your lap. But leaning him forward a little whilst doing it, then a few rocks forward and back like a pendulum,worked a treat!
Then if he was still nuzzling... more feed.

This new book I have says that to always offer both breasts in first 6 weeks. I didn't with DS as had so much milk the MW said he wouldn't need it. But I ended up loosing my milk at 11w! so thinking that boobs werent getting the stimulation and emptying they needed. Great book. it is 'breast feeding for dummies!' it's in our library too!
It says that even to change nappy or wrap and unwrap bubs to see if he needs more milk. offer the other breast. if not interested at all, then he's done, so start on that one next time... but to express that breast if getting engorgement to maintain good milk supply.

Good luck ladies... and hoping I too am successfull at feeding this bub!
PS sorry for long post!

That was a good post Zoe I like the rubbing and stretching have to try that!!

he is asleep inmy arms now as DH just passed him to me but also got a burp out of him so that helped
oops here we go again

be back again



not winding bubs will just make im upset. try to burp him and then offer more to fill him up again. try to put your son to bed awake so he doesn't rely on the feeding to go to sleep (belive me the hard work put in now to get a baby to go to sleep by themselves will save the hole family alot of troubles down the track)
I had the same question and I asked my midwife. She said in general breastfed bubs don't need to be winded as there is no air in the breast. Babe usually burps himself when I sit him up after a feed.


i had same problem with my 2 week old midwife told me to check he is latching on properly, as he could be gulping air when feeding which means he will be getting wind that needs to be bought up...apparently you can sometimes tell if a baby has wind by checking under their lips to see if it is blue..if so, they need to bring up works for me anyway

i also sit bubs up after feed to let milk settle in his stomach, otherwise he tends to posit (sp?) or spill..i dont have to always try to burp him tho, cos often him just lying up against me he brings up his own wind and it doesnt unsettle him too much

My beautiful baby boy was born 24 June

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