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how do you settle your baby? Lock Rss

i have no idea how to settle my baby without a dummy.
sometimes i can lay her on her side, and she will just fall asleep. but mostly not.


In the early weeks/months with DS2 it was by any means necessary which included, but was not always limited to feeding/rocking to sleep, holding/carrying around while sleeping, having him in our bed. The one thing it didn't involve was being left to cry, not even in "protest". By the time he was 5.5 months old he refused to settle in our bed, by the time he was 5 months old he had consistently stopped being fed/rocked to sleep though this did continue when he needed it until he was 12 months when he never needed feeding/rocking to sleep even when ill. He stopped falling asleep when being carried around when he was about 6 months old; he did those all on his own when he was ready without tears. I asked myself why a baby who has been rocked to sleep and had my heartbeat as a lullaby for 9 months should all of a sudden be expected to get himself off to sleep.

She's still coming to grips with being in the world, you can't "spoil" her by helping her and in fact I think that because I helped DS2, it meant that he had the ability to know what he needed when he needed it and when he didn't need it anymore he stopped doing it. He now happily "self settles" and he got there without the tears and angst that so often seems to be associated with "teaching" them how.


Wrap n rock or pace, patting the bum for good measure and then ever so gently put her down in the cot and tuck her in tight.

My girl wont take a dummy (she's nearly five months).... wish she would so I could just put her down!!!

What's wrong with using the dummy to settle her?
if your baby is setteling with a dummy and you arent having an probs, keep doing it. my first bub loved her dummy, but my newborn son (2 and a half weeks) doesnt like it, spits it out so i wont give it to him again unless needed later. Wrapping your bub snugly (the kidappolous? ones are perfect, have velcro for easy fastening) can help cue your baby for bed too. how is bub sleeping etc? my son wakes for a bottle during the night every 2 and a half to 3 and a half hours. Im getting great rest thankgosh!
i dont like her having a dummy, as it falls out and i am forever putting it back in.

all day i havnt used the dummy, so just hope i can settle her at night aswell. she is a very sucky baby.

Evie is the same too. I try to avoid the dummy as much as possible, but DH is quick to give it back to her.

I tried wrapping from day 1, but she just hates it. She screams and wriggles and squirms, so we wasted a fortune on fancy wraps that are shaped, have special flaps for tucking in, etc.

One thing that seems to work is music. I play music to her when I put her in bed at night, and it seems to work. It also blocks out other noise that the boys make. Laying her on her side also helps. I try and put her to bed awake, so she can fall to sleep on her own. But saying that, she still loves that damned dummy!

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