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when to stop wrapping bubs Lock Rss


just wondered when people generally stop wrapping their babies for sleeps?


generally about 3-4 months wen the startle reflux is gone.

or wen bubba starts rolling as then its a sids risk if they roll then get tangled etc

thanks for your reply, think i'll start by leaving an arm out first to get her used to it and then stop after a day or two.

I kept wrapping my son until he turned 2 and i put him into a bed. He transitioned well and the wrap was a sleep que and comfort for him. I'd play it by ear as bubs wants it, esp with winter upon us. i had him in a sleeping bag then would wrap his arms in a blanket

I have had to stop wrapping DD (3months today!!) as more than once i found her with the wrap round her neck and over her face.

so now i have been leaving one arm out for the past 2weeks and as of today will be leaving both arms out but wrapping tightly round her body for 2weeks then nothing..BABABAAAAAAAAAA

thats a really good idea, i have already started doing this as Lily ( 11 weeks) is a thumb sucker, i took bher first arm out at about 5 weeks just so she could suck her thumb, i am now in the process of leaving her second arm out. i know its a little early but i really want the wrap gone wright on 4 months so i am giving it plenty of time
you can wrap for as long as it works! best to stop by the time they start rolling in cot so work on getting baby used to a sleeping bag. We used th Peke Moe sleep sack to transition from swaddling. all the best!

Reef June 03 & Tyde Feb 07

I had to stop wrapping my bubs at 6 weeks, because she hated it. She would wrestle around and make a big fuss. A friend of mine wrapped her son until he was 7 months old.

So I say play it by ear, and continue as long as it is working.
Hi my bub is 3 weeks old and a few days after she was born she hated her arms wraped as she likes to suck her fingers and she wriggled around alot and always ends up unwrapped just to get to her hands so i just wrap her body now and she likes this better. Its really up to u and bubs when to start to stop wrapping. I would start by letting the arms free first and if he/she doesnt like it there is no harm in putting his/her arms back in the wrap and keep trying this for a few days or so. hope this helps. good luck


My DD is 7 months and I went from wrapping her to a sleep bag at 6 months. You can wrap up until they start to roll. There's no problem with keeping them wrapped smile
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