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newborn wetting through his nappies.... Lock Rss

My two week old has begun wetting his sheets, we're changing them twice a day. He is changed frequently, if unsettled we check and change and then at every feed and if during a feed then checking again afterwards.... Any ideas>? He is in huggies newborn nappies..we're going through our pillow cases and matress protectors at a rate of knots!

id go a size up into infant size.... you should have more luck.....

hi... yeah we had the same prob with DS.
Try the next size up... otherwise use pants and put the elastic waist band over the nappy around the waist, not all the way over, so acts as bit of extra security...
also try making sure you place his wizzer pointing down to his toes when you put the nappy on...
We tried different nappies and sizes and found that just had to change the nappy every feed to prevent too much build up... good luck and congrats!

My 12wk old son is waking at night wet also. I have gone up to crawler size nappy and still is wet at every night feed. I point his wizzer done and still manages to be wet all over. It only happens at night so my only theory is maybe im not putting the nappy on properly when i change him half asleep!! Any ideas??
I have a 5 week old and I found putting a plastic snip like those you put over a cloth nappy to help, i also tried wrapping a cloth nappy around the outside of the disposable helped too..Good Luck! smile
I have been having the same dramas with my (ohdear hang on) 3month old DD (cant think of wks)

I have found double nappying is the only thing that has helped

I remember having the same problem with my DS - like a PP mentioned we went up a size with nappies & it solved it.

Don't know if this will help, but as well as doing a lot of what the other suggestions were we used the liners (for the cloth nappies) inside the newborn nappies and i found that as my little boy got older i had to use the huggies nappies at night (i would always change him just before i went to bed) and i could use others thru the day.
Good luck smile
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