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Winding Lock Rss

I am having major problems with my daughter who is now ten weeks old. Right from birth we have had problems with wind and getting it out of her. I was put onto a natural remedy called rhuger and found this to work great, but now not so much. She burps well every 40mls and even farts with it. But when put to bed she will sleep for 30 minutes then be sick. I get her up and wind her but a few minutes later she brings up more milk. I have tried laying her over a tri-pillow, putting her over my shoulder, sitting her straight to burp and even giving boiled water. She ends up so tired i barely get milk into in the end. Please help a mother who is at her wits end.

I have been having the same problem with my son, hes only 4 weeks old but has been having some serious tummy pains and wouldnt burp after feeds no matter how hard I tried!

Ive started using Infacol and its worked a treat. He bring up wind after each boob and its a nice big burp!

You can get it from the chemist maybe give it a go.


Thank you Lil Ems for your advice on winding and the trying of infacol. My dp got some today and my goodness it worked. My dd brought up all her wind and was sick. But it has cleared her tummy and now sleeping peaceful. So hopefully no more over tired daughter.
My daughter is 1 week old and was having trubble bring up her wind, a friend of mind recommend a natural colic relief drops from the chemist the brand is called BRAUER it works wonders for her and she sleeps really well and feeds great, I hope that helps.

Just thought i would let you know that we had the same problem with my son who is now almost 7 months but he actually has really bad reflux. And he is still a nightmare to burp and still spills all the time. Anyway we have tried the rhugger but is now on ranitidine and probably will be for a little while.
(You would probably know if it was reflux tho because reflux babies scream alot and are in pain. Oli got to the point were he wouldnt feed and then we ended up in the hospital)

Just something to keep in mind smile

The update on my DD is great news. I have been using the rhuger (3 times a day) to stop her spilling and keeping her bowl motions regular and add infacol to every bottle. She brings up all her wind and now sleeping well. DD is back to the happy baby I started off with. Thanks for all the help.
Good stuff smile

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