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Tummy Sleeping Lock Rss

Does anyone sleep their baby on their tummy?

About 2 weeks ago Ryan was having trouble sleeping during the day so a friend suggested trying him on his tummy. We tried it and he slept so soundly I had to wake him up for a feed.

i keep putting him down to sleep on his back first but he grizzles and cries until I put him on his tummy and then he is fast asleep. He has a strong little neck and can lift his head up off the bed and turns his head from side to side. I know of the SIDS danger with tummy sleeping but everyone older who I speak to (including my mum) said they had their kids sleeping on their tummies and they were fine. I guess I am just feeling a little worried and guilty cause I would never forgive myself if something happened to him when I know of this warning ...

I guess I am just after some reassurance and wanted to know if anyone else sleeps their bub on their tummy?


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,
My little girl Emily started sleeping on her tummy when she was about a month old, she was the same as Ryan as she started to get grizzly when i put her to sleep on her back. My mum was the one who told me to put her on her tummy and it worked a dream! she started sleeping really well and i never looked back! i was abit nervous about it at the start since a lot of people were telling me to sleep her on her back, but she was fine with it as she too had a nice strong neck. she is nearly one and still sleeps on her tummy!
My mum said that we all slept on our tummies when we were kids and so did alot of other babies.

I feel really comfortable with emily on her tummy, and i know she is fine so i would'nt worry about it too much, maybe you should just keep a close eye on him for a bit if you are worried to see how he goes.

Hello Jo,

I sleep my baby on his tummy too as he was uncomfortable on his back because of reflux. I wouldn't sweat too much about it, just keep your eye on him. I'm probably a little late with this response but never mind- i'm sure you've relaxed about the whole thing now.

Hope everything is going well for you now.



Thanks for the replies .... I also saw later that there was already a post on this topic ... oops.

Yes Super I am relaxed about the whole thing now. He's been sleeping on his tummy for about 5 weeks now and I haven't had any issues, just a contented baby.

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Glad to hear this Jo. Got to admit, mines driving me a little bananas at the moment- having catnaps all over the show during the day and taking ages to feed. Oh well, it'll hopefully get better.

Still love him like crazy though (don't ask me how...)



Hi Super

They are funny little creatures aren't they but I agree, you just keep loving them no matter what and I find they throw you smiles when you are most frustrated (eg picture just about to leave the house for a wedding and they poo which leaks out of their nappies and onto their clothes and then they throw up on their top as soon as their pants are changed ... couldn't help but laugh at this one as Ryan gurgled and smiled away).

One thing I find such a blessing is that Ryan is such a good sleeper at night so he has a well rested mum to deal with whatever he throws at me during the day smile

All the best

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hiya Jo,

That's a pretty cute story. You'd be pretty frustrated to start but like you say- the smile makes up for it. Did he behave at the wedding?

I once picked up my boy from his cot and he had vomit all over his face- here's me nearly crying from the guilt and here he is smiling up at me as if to say 'thanks for getting me out of that gunk'.

Mines a great night sleeper too but has minimal sleep during the day. Shouldn't complain really as some babies have cat naps all day and all night.

Take care,



Hi Super

... and your vomit story brought a smile to my face too cause Ryan has done the same thing to me as well! That is one thing about sleeping them on their bellies, if they are sick they kinda find their whole face is in it don't they.

Ryan has also peed while I was changing him and gotten himself in the face (instead of me and everything else for a change). I couldn't help but laugh which also brought a smile to his face. At least they can laugh at their own misfortunes hey!


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi All
How I wish I'd seen this website when I came out of hospital with my newborn twins in early August!

It seems that my boy twin (reflux baby) loves sleeping on his tummy, regardless of regularly coating his face in vomit. Found this out when his Nanna settled him this way (from the old school of 'plant them on their tummy' child rearing). And my girl twin likes it too.

I'm getting them checked over by a very good paediatrician next week for their 6 week check up, and I will certainly be asking about tummy sleeping, breathing monitors etc. If he has anything to add to these discussions, I'll post it.

Having two babies as a first time parent is one helluva learning curve, especially as they are SO different from each other. However, reading your comments and replies has certainly put my mind at ease and given me a lot of reassurance. Thanks.

Ange, mum of twins born early August 04

Hi Ange

Wow twins ... you certainly have your work cut out but I am also guessing you have double the joy.

Ryan is 10 weeks now and I have had no problems whatsoever with him on his belly ... only a happier baby. In fact he is such a good sleeper now he has been sleeping thru the night from 8 weeks. If he has a bit of wind he lifts his head up himself, burps and then lays himself back down. The only problem I have is he is a little wriggler and I find he moves his way up the cot in his sleep and entirely out of his blanket so I find myself getting up if I wake up to make sure he is covered and doesn't get cold.

Would be interested to see what your paed says though

all the best


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi girls,

Ange67, glad we could put your mind at ease, tummy sleeping is great for reflux babies. See what the paediatrician says, it would be interesting to see his view on the tummy sleeping, not to mention the breathing monitor. Don't forget to fill us in.

Jo79, i wonder if this crawling up the cot thing is common because mine does exactly the same thing! To the point where his head touches the top of the cot. As for peeing on the face, all the time. Oh, and what about poo up the back? One thing he isn't doing though is burping by himself. I tell you, i look forward to the day. I'm rather proud of myself at the moment because i have him sleeping in his nursery and going down by himself (not without the initial crying mind you). I let him cry and go in about two times to tap him until he eventually sleeps. It's great, i now have time to myself during the day and time with hubby in the evenings. Oh what bliss!!

They are so cute at this stage- all that beautiful cooing. Maybe i will go for number two......hmmmmm......something to think about.....



I have another positive outcome of tummy sleeping ... Ryan rolled for the first time this week at only 10 weeks.

He was tired so I put him down for a nap but Ryan had other ideas and when he is fighting sleep he will get himself up on his hands and lift his head and chest up off the bed like a little turtle peering around. Anyway this day he got himself up and pushed himself over onto his back ... I couldn't help but be excited and cheer and clap for him. He was a little surprised about what he did so I rolled him back on his tummy and sure enough he did it again.

Super - I know what you mean about feeling proud about not only bub but yourself when you have a major achievement together. My partner gets phone calls all day at work with me saying 'Guess what Ryan just did ...'

Isn't motherhood bliss smile

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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