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thrashin in bed Lock Rss

i seem to once again dominate these threads! but, my almost 7 week old is a very restless sleeper. i have heard that babies are restless, but he literally thrashes his head side to side, kicks his legs and tries to get out of his wrap. is this normal?? he isnt in pain, just restless. sometimes when i go check him he is out of his wrap and has kicked himself halfway up the cot! i have tried not wrapping him, but he hates it!

Hi there,

My Jessica thrashes her head when she is tired. Not too vigourously but does go from side to side, like she's checking everything out around her.

is he doing this when he is asleep or as he is trying to sleep? When you check him is he asleep?

As for the kicking etc have you tried to just lightly wrap him so he can get his arms free if he wants to and just tuck his sheets in a bit tighter. he may be in the in-between stage of wrapping/not wrapping.

I found when jessica was thrashing a bit she was simply trying to break free. I now lightly wrap her and sometimes she gets her arms out sometimes not but is a lot more peaceful sleeper.

Hope that helps.

Karen, BNE

Snap, my little girl is a right good kicker! Though she was in the womb, so I shouldn't be surprised...
We gave up swaddling her very early on, as she just used to kick and thrash her arms and head so vigorously all her covers would be scrunched up at the end of the cot. She is happiest with her arms free, so I put her in a little cardigan so that her hands and arms don't get cold.
The other thing you can get is a little sleeping bag, which goes on over their clothes and zips up, so they can't kick anything off!
I have also found that she gets pretty restless in her sleep if she's windy... Which she seems to be a lot! I have taken her out of her cot still sleeping and been rewarded with a burp or even better a fart, after which she sleeps a bit more peacefully.
If he likes to be wrapped but kicks out of it, the baby sleeping bag is probably the best idea. They are sometimes called Grobags, and you can get them at most baby stores, although I have seen them for bigger babies (six months on) at Big W.
Good luck!
Hi Danae

I also use a sleeping bag for my little girl because she loves to sleep with her arms above her head, and she too kicks her way out of anything. I bought my Bonds Sleeping Bag from Big W for $ 15.

Good luck!
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