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I feel like I have tried everything..... Lock Rss

My DD is 10 weeks old and just won't sleep unless it is on/near me or somebody else (which is a bit hard as I am a single mum).
I am lucky to get her to sleep a total of 2 hours during the day and she won't sleep at night until I go to bed, then feeds continuously during the night (or that is what it feels like).
At the moment I have left her crying in the cot as I have just had enough.
I also have a 2 year old DD and a 10 year old DS. My other daughter slept with me from birth but that was fine as my son was older and I didn't have to run around looking after him as much. She also would sleep during the day in the rocker.
I have tried wrapping her (she wriggles around and gets her hands out and makes herself more upset), tried her in the rocker and the swing, patting her, white noise, Sounds for Silence CD etc. I thought being my 3rd I would know what to do but I am so frustrated....which doesn't help as I am sure the baby picks up on that.
She would be more than happy if I put her in the carrier and had her with me all the time but I don't get any time for my other daughter let alone myself.

I have booked into a settling day clinic but that isn't until early November. I also rang Tweedle today and am on the waiting list to talk to someone on the 20th November.
I just don't know what to do in the meantime. I am running on no sleep, snapping at my other kids and feel ready to crack up.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - I can add them to the list of everything else I have tried.
(Sorry for the long rant)
Just an update - she is asleep in her cot (a first) and has been for an hour.
Yes - I did have to leave her to cry a bit as I was getting quite worked up and just had to leave her for a bit. I went back and changed her and gave her (another) feed, had a cry myself, then put her down gradually. I think she just tired herself out.
She doesn't normally feed to sleep (unlike my other 2). She will seem like she has but then is awake 10 minutes later. It doen't help that her sister likes to go and see her, waking her up. I have tried keeping things quiet, keeping things normal and noisy, dark, light. I have tried putting a top that I have worn near her, warming the bed before I put her down.... I really do feel like I have tried everything. Surely she needs more sleep than she is getting? She seems a pretty happy baby when she is awake.
hey hun
i have heard that a loud watch or clock put safely in her cot can calm them cos it sounds like your heart beat. also have u tried a dummy? if she is a comfort feeder a dummy mite work to comfort her maybe?
hope you find something that works soon
good luck xxx
i just had to write as i was in the same boat as you a few days ago. i have a 2 and half year old dd and a 11 week old ds. to get a good sleep i was cosleeping with bub for first few weeks as he was very spewy and grunted alot and didnt seem to be sleeping very well but love being on my shoulder at night. well, before i knew it he would only sleep if i rocked him and let him sleep in my arms which would then leave me with hardly any time for my dd.

i was getting a really sore back and was sick of not feeling like i had time for dd and plus my little man seemed overtired a lot and was feeding so often it was driving me a bit bonkers...think he was just snacking.

long story short i got the baby whisperer book and followed alot of the ideas in there and have not looked back. within 2 days my little man was actually sleeping in his cot and going down on his own. i like alot of what she never leave baby crying as they are far too young...its just about teaching them to self soothe whilst comforting them.

for eg. id put him down and if he cried i comforted him sometimes picking him up if he was really upset and then when he was calm put him down. the idea is that they go down from being awake.took ages the first time but then he slept for 5 hours and he has never done that! he has always been a happy boy but now he has much more happy awake time. he has bigger feeds mainly every 3 hours (a victory for me) and then has happy awake time and then off to bed. it really helped me learn to read the tired signs better and get him in before being over tired.

its worth having a look at as some of the ideas really helped me. good luck!
Hopoe you are getting a little more sleep. I have recently been to a day sleep program at the koo wee Rup Hospital and they suggested for young babies the angel wrap as there habds are up near their heads where they like them but they cant get them out. The program helped my son during the day as he was only sleeping 20-30mins x3 but we are on a waiting list now to speak to someone about his nights as he is nearly 5 months and wakes every hour so his good day habits now havent carried over yet! I to am like you in that I have a 2yr old ds how was a bit easier then this ds. The nurses also used a bit of gripe water from the supermarket (not chemist) on a cherry shaped dummy. they were big on dummies and the little babies seemed to just suck away and slept. good luck.

One word.... sling!! Get a good sling that sits right in close to your body and wear her. Babies are meant to be with you all the time, they feel safe when they can smell you, feel you and see you. All babies are different and some are better sleepers than others. If you wear your bub then you have two free hands to do everything else in your life and you will probably find that she is much more settled.
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