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Taking a dummy?? Lock Rss

Hi my son Jarrod is 4weeks old today and he seems to be doing really well except he doesn't seem to like taking a dummy. It's not that I am trying to use it all the time, only when he is really tired and won't settle or if he is really upset. Someone suggested I try different types of dummies - which I have done but none of them seem to appeal to him!!

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions??

Bec, 2 beautiful boys

Hi Jarrodsmum

Unfortunately I don't have a suggestion, however I do know that some babies don't like dummies at all and never take them. My daughter liked them initially but at about 4 months just spat it out and never wanted it again.

Have you tried the Nuk dummies? They are a bit expensive but these were the only ones my daughter would use in the beginning.

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My little man wouldn't take a dummy until he was 6 weeks old. It was heaven he finally fell asleep after a very bad day.We use the happy baby dummies cherry tip. We tried the expensive ones and he hated them.Every baby is different though.
Good luck.
Thanks for this! - maybe he just doesn't like the dummy!!

Bec, 2 beautiful boys

Thanks Casper - I went and purchased one of these dummies today and guess what!! he has already taken it from me a few times today. It's pretty amazing that he liked the cheapest one the best!! - thanks for your help!

Bec, 2 beautiful boys

Some would say this may be a blessing in disguise if your bub won't take a dummy because you don't have to worry about weaning them off it down the track.

Mind you I find the dummy such a blessing as it instantly calms Ryan. I find he is picky with dummies though and will only really take the Nuk ones too.

All the best


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

I'm so glad he has taken it for you, it is instant relief! You can get some cool looking happy baby dummies from Woolies (the white ones are bit daggy). Our little man only has the dummy in the cot. As soon as he gets up we take it out and leave it on the cot. I do have one in the car for the just in case.
We originally didn't want to give a dummy as we didn't want to go through hassles later with it, but it helps to calm our little man easier and it also helps to keep him in bed a bit longer.
Hi my daughter Tanisha didnt like dummies from word go. I tried her on different ones and all of them she didnt like. Dont stress yourself about the fact that Jarrod wont take a dummy. I believe they either take a dummy or a thumb. Im happy that my daughter doesnt have a dummy and Im not worried what anybody else thinks. My sister in law has a baby 4 weeks younger than mine and I couldnt think of anything worse than to constantly have to put the dummy back in her mouth every minute that they spit it out! And she does spit it out alot! Just think that when a baby uses a dummy to settle if they spit it out you need to replace it where as a thumb, they know where to find it! At the end of the day, you do what you think is best! Good luck

Belinda, 4mnth baby

Bennett stopped taking a dummy once he found his thumb. Lots of babies love those happy baby ones and apparently they are best for breastfeeding babies as they cause less nipple confusion.

Belinda10 - do you live at werribee by any chance?


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