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Continuing to wrap? Lock Rss


My little man is 3 months old and still needs to be wrapped every night to go to sleep. At what stage do I try to discontinue this? How do I go about it? I am scared he will wake up more frequently when he bonks himself in the head with his arms.

jess, WA, luvmyboys

Hi There,

I wrapped my little man till he was about 6 months old, he was getting his arms out of his wrap and I would just leave him..
Some people say to gradually unwrap by wrapping one arm in and one out etc, etc..
But I just went cold turkey, I bought a zip up sleeping bag and one day just decided not to wrap anymore and put him to bed during the day in that and we didnt really have a problem..

You will know when the time is right to stop wrapping!!

But my sister wrapped my nephew until he was one!! In the end he had to use a sheet as you couldnt get wraps big enough to fit around him!!

Hope this helps..


My bub is 6 mths old and I still wrap. I find that she settles better this way and I sleeps well. I am going to try to get her out soon but will do it slowly - leave one arm out for a few days then the other and then gone.. lets hope it works
Hi there,
My Jessica is 13 weeks old and I stopped wrapping her a week ago. For the week prior to this I would just wrap her in a fine muslin wrap very lightly so if she wanted to free her arms she could. I used lighter material for wrapping so she could get use to not having the heaviness of the wrap on her.

I then started to put her to bed during the day unwrapped (easier to handle if she didn't settle) then one night I bit the bullet put her to bed unwrapped but in her all in one pj's and haven't looked back.

I am lucky that she doesn't kick her blankets off but I do also have an oil heater in her room to keep it an even temperate as I found this would help also.

It's great when it works as during night feeds she goes straight to bed without any disturbing.

Good luck

Karen, BNE

Hi Jess

I still wrap my 5mth old during the day but he sleeps in a sleeveless sleeping bag during the night. The only reason why I wrap him during the day is because like your little man he loves his fingers and will take the dummy out of his mouth and then put his fingers in mouth and realises it isn't his dummy usually cries for a little, then I put the dummy in his mouth and rock him by the tummy until his shuts his eyes and then walk away. When he wakes up from his sleeps, he usually has both arms out of the wrap. He is also starting to roll in the cot so I'm happy with wrapping him lightly so he can use his arms to lift himself up if he rolls on to his tummy.

But I'm of the same opinion to let him tell you when he's had enough - if he's anything like my little man, he'll scream the house down by way of telling you!!!

Good Luck!

Amanda, Qld

I am still wrapping my 6 month old, he just seems to need it to sleep well. Some Mums discontinue around 5 months, but go with what Bubs wants. I think I read somewhere about SIDS and wrapping in older babies, but I still think go with what he needs. Naomi
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