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The "Hug a Bub" - Will it ruin her ability to settle?? Rss

Hi everyone,
I have a very fussy 9 week old baby, she fusses through feeds and heaps straight after a feed. I'm going to the pediatrician on Monday to try and get to the bottom of it but i still feel she may just be a fussy baby. I have looked into buying a "hug a bub" baby carrier to use during the day around the house if need be but mostly so i can get out of the house and go shopping or something! I just can't go anywhere at the moment, my little one just won't settle anywhere but her own bed, she hates the pram and really likes me to hold her. I'm also having bonding issues so figure this will help a little. Anyway so i thought if i got a hug a bub it would at least keep my hands free to do other things whilst she's being fussy or asleep or whatever.... I'm happy to have her strapped to me all day long if need be but i'm worried that come 7pm bedtime, she won't settle because she wants to be held......
Does anyone have one of these carriers AND a baby who settles fairly well at bedtime? At the moment Jessica is quite good and does settle fairly well at night and during the day with the use of a dummy but i really don't want to undo all my hard work to get her to that point - at the same time I WANT A LIFE!!! I have a few other types of carriers but they're not firm enough for her, she really needs to be held quite tight, which is why i thought the hug a bub would be great for her, but at $100 i don't want to spend money on something that will have a negative effect on her settling!
Any help would be appreciated!!

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica


My first son hated to be held so imagine my surprise when my second just didnt want to be put down!!

I only recently used the hug-a-bub and he loves it!! In fact, it has made him even more settled to go into bed.

I dont use it all the time - just when i need to get things done and mainly when i go out as i have a 2 year old that just hates the pram and wants to walk everywhere!!

My email is: if you wanna chat more.

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

If you don't want to pay full price, just in case bub doesn't like it, try looking on ebay. I picked up a good quality second hand carrier for heaps cheaper than in the shops. That way if bub doesn't like it, you're not spending too much money, and you can always re-sell it.

Sam and Hayley and bub

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