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Help. 7 week old doesnt want to be wrapped... Lock Rss

Hi all
My 7wk old DD hates being wrapped. All was fine up to 2 days ago where now all she does whilst alseep is to get her bloody hands out. I wrap here so tightly I dont know how she gets out.
Ive tried having her hands out but she is just not ready.
I just dont know what to do..Last night was a bad night.
It may not necessarily be because she hates being wrapped more that when she is restless she wriggles around and gets out. My DS is like that however I purchased a miracle blanket and he cannot get out of it. He still has a big startle reflex (is nearly 9 weeks old) so has to be wrapped with arms down. I also got a mothercraft nurse to show me how to wrap him so he doesn't get out. Double wrapping works well too but you need to ensure she doesn't get too hot.

Good luck!
what is the miracle blanket?

my daughter has the startle reflex too, is there anything can do to help them with it?

The website is

They're not cheap but do work and well worth a try. Most babies have the startle reflex until about 3 months. Starts to lessen bit by bit.

[Edited on 13/11/2009]

We were advised by our midwife to wrap with one arm out as babies like the comfort of having a hand near their face. Keeping one arm free also assists with avoiding flat head as bub will usually turn their head towards the free hand - we alternate free hand for eah sleep so she doesn't face the same way all the time.
Give it a go!
Neets x

Like most babies..they have the startle reflex..which whilst you think they like their hands out..they keep waking..if their not waking..fine..go with it..wouldnt bother wrapping..but if their waking up its because they actually liked to be wrapped though wiggle and squirm but then startle themself..or in the winter months of course get cold..and they dont know how to put their limbs back under the sheets again..

As suggested..the Miracle Wrap is absolutely DD was a houdini..still is..we used the Miracle wrap and no way they can get out of that..used it up to 4 months and she started having more pressure to be able to forcefully pull her hands out..we now use the Woombie which is another good one..

Would seriously consider investing in daughter has slept 12 hrs a night from 9 weeks investion and money well worth spent for us.

I hope you have not purchased a miracle blanket JUST yet. You can buy Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe for around 30.00. There are some great deals on Ebay where you might even get them cheaper than that slightly 'used' and since your baby is going to outgrow them relatively fast, they dont need to be made of the finest spun silk. These are cotton and low-fire hazard items. I purchased two swaddleme's and they are brilliant and do the same thing. They come in 'small' up to 8-10kg I believe.
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