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The pat-shhh technique Lock Rss

I am re-teaching (due to reflux problems) my daughter to self settle using the technique of patting & shhhing when she is crying.

The problem is, when she starts crying and i start patting her cries get even louder and she doesn't stop. When do i stop patting if she doesn't stop crying ?? I am nearly always tempted to pick her up after only a few moments to calm her down! Otherwise she's crying and i'm patting her to sleep!

Any suggestions?


That is probably one that you might want to put a post in the experts panel. It might be a difficult one as your daughter has reflux and its not as simple as a child with nothing wrong. Some babies can sence the mum being close and I have heard that it can make the reflux worse, but that may be an old wives tale too, thus why I would try and talk to a professional.

I have used the pat shh technique and it worked for us. You have to pat quite firmly though (not rough just firm to immitate the heartbeat). The first time that I succsfully did it I was patting for 1 hour. But this is not normal and I was doing it supervised by the sleep school. I found it usefull talking to the experts as I got strict perimeters to go by. That child that i did it for is now 2.5 and although he is not a great sleeper he does put himself to sleep- with a dummy!

Not sure if I have helped, but still let us know how you go. And good luck...

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