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baby with colic Lock Rss

Hi I have a 7 week old baby with colic, just wondering if anyone else has had troubles with a baby with colic and what they did to cope. I also have 2 other children and some days I am finding it hard to cope.
hi I too have a 7 week old baby with colic (and mild reflux we think) which seems to have gotten worse this week. Ive heard that it peaks between 6 and 8 weeks. My bub is at her worst in the evening and can scream for hours. Sometimes it seems that nothing we do can settle her. I would also like to hear some advice from people who have gone through the same thing. It is seriously hard sometimes and I only have 1 other child!

In my opinion, colic is something they diagnose when they don't know what is wrong, i was told my now 7.5mth DS had colic when he was 6wks.

He suddenly started bringing up half his feeds (bf so i think bout half), had reflux and SCREAMED for 6-8hrs non stop, only stopped crying coz he was so exhausted. Nothing i did to try and comfort him would work, wouldnt even take the boob!!

I persevered with seeing dr's, was constantly being told that coz i first time mum, i dont know what to expect, and that babies cry. Eventually 1 dr wanted me to see a paed. the paed took a full history, listened to everything i had to say (which no other dr did) and took an hour to assess DS

at the end, he gave me a script for reflux meds, but asked me to go off dairy 1st as a trial coz he thought DS has milk protein intolerance. all i can say is that he was right, and saved both our lives.

now DS remains fully bf and couldnt be happier. i am off dairy (can have some, but not much) and DS may grow out of his allergy by the time he is 5yrs

I think it would be worth u asking about this. most of the gp's dont know about it. i am in the health industry, and hav had many dr's tell me since that they havnt heard of this, so get a referral to a paed. might not be what is wrong with ur bubs, but worth the consult if you ask me


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