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I have an 11 week old baby girl called Ava who I am having trouble getting into a routine, especially as she doesn't sleep well during the day. She usually goes down at 8:30pm after a bath and her last feed and wakes at 4am for a feed, then straight back down until 7-8am, this is great as she does sleep well at night. I am trying to stick to a routine of feeding her four hourly during the day, when I try to put her down after being awake for 1.5-2hrs during the day, she screams madly, sometimes up until 20mins, she definately is showing tired signs when I put her down, and often when she does fall asleep only catnaps. Should I be re-settling her after she wakes from these catnaps? Yet in the evening after her 4pm bottle she can sleep for 3hrs, should I wake her for her 8pm bottle? or should I let her sleep? It's very confusing as everyone says not to wake a sleeping baby! I have only been doing this routine for 3 days. I'm also wanting to put Ava into her own room and into a cot, should I introduce day sleeps in her room or put her bassinet into her room so she gets used to it to start with? This will probably put the routine out of whack even more! Help! going crazy! Sorry for the long post!

mum 2 b due 3rd june

Hi Nicole
Sounds like you are try very hard to get there and hold on to that as you and bub will! I am a routine mum and it's worked wonders for us. This is what Jeb day looked like at this age....
7am - wake, 200ml bottle
8:45am - Sleep
11am - wake, 200ml bottle
12:45pm - sleep
3pm - wake 200ml bottle
4/4:30pm - nap of up to an hour
5:30/6pm - bath
6:45pm - 200ml bottle
7/7:15pm - bed
10:30pm - dreamfeed
At around 12-13 weeks Jeb stretched out to 2 hours awake time and keep this up until 5-6months. One thing that helps heaps is consistency!!! If you can start each day the same and keep it up for around a week bub will fall into the routine well and keep it up without you having to try. You say that she catnaps. Yes you should try and re-settle and teach her to self-settle herself so she is getting all the sleep she needs during the day. This will help heaps in the afternoon as you won't have an over-tired grumpy bub or one that sleeps too long before bed. I would try her in her cot in her room during the day and if she's happy and your happy with it try the night too. It'll be easier now than later. Hope I've helped a little smile
Hi Nicole

My advise to you would be to change your routine. A routine doesnt have to be text book and what works for some doesnt work for others. I worked this out after every body puts in their two cents worth since i had a baby. every one will tell you what they did but who cares! Let your bubs do her own thing for a few days and work out what her routine is and then you can work around it. If she is showing signs of sleepiness during the day put her on a mat in front of tv or in a swing chair and see if she sleeps. At least she is sleeping at night - thats the main thing!
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