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No day tiime sleep! Lock Rss

I'm new at this- first time mum and new user on this exchange.
I have a 7 week old who in the last week has developed a bad habit of not sleeping during the day at all!
He is a great sleeper at night, usually only up once for a feed- but terrible during the day.
I have tried the pram, his rocker, his cot but he doesnt seem to want to sleep.

He has started to develop really bad wind- and he nearly dozes off but then gets aggitated with a pain and is wide eyed again.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
My little man used to be same. One thing I did find helped was a routine. We started one at 7 weeks and never looked back. we based ours around Tizzie Halls routines...she has a book out now called Save Our Sleep and you can get it from her web site if the same name or book store, big w, k-mart etc.
I was told that Jeb had colic with early signs of reflux but all this disappeared as soon as we got a routine established. At this age Jeb was staying awake for about an hour 15mins and sleeping 2 hours. We did this all day...feeds every 3.15 hours during the day and once during the night (dreamfeed at 9:30 before I went to bed) This worked wonders for us. Also, with the wind, try burping every 3mins if b/fing or every 30ml bottle to help get as much wind up as possible. It makes the feeds go longer but at the end of the day it helps HEAPS as bub is getting enough milk at every feed which helps stop the afternoon cluster feeds. If you'd like any more info or to chat you can contact me by msn or e-mail at [email protected]
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