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He just screams and screams, please help!! Lock Rss

I cant get my 10 week old baby to self settle and sleep in his cot.
I'm a young first time mum and did all the wrong things when it came to letting my boy fall asleep in my arms and everyone elses, now hes 10 weeks old and although I have been trying to get him to settle in his cot he screams so much and so loudly that I end up giving up and picking him up again where he happilly dozes off.
Its getting to the point where I just cant handle it anymore.
What can I do?
Please help!
Hi Aynsley,
I know how you feel at the moment. My 15 week old bub has spent a little more time with grandparents, etc than usual over the past few weeks, in fact my cousin even made the comment that "the problem with my child is that she's never put down...", (which I wasn't real happy about), so now I find it difficult to get her to sleep without holding her.
have you tried putting bub on his side? This sometimes works for my bub. also maybe wrap bub up? The other thing I've found is that if I catch bub at just the right moment where she's starting to get tired, she'll go down easily, but if I miss that window by even a couple of minutes I'm reduced to rocking her to sleep. So maybe put bub down before he starts to get tired.
Just a couple of ideas but sorry if I'm not much help.

Sam and Hayley and bub

Hi there

I don't think you did "all the wrong things" by letting your little boy fall to sleep in your arms. What a lovely way to go to sleep!!!

Try wrapping and rocking him to sleep then put him in his cot. Perhaps a sling or a carry pouch might do the trick. I used one of these if bubs was having a hard time going to sleep but I needed to do some chores around the house.

He's certainly still very young and needs the comfort of his mummy to help him go to sleep!

Best wishes
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